Probably, you once heard the term “digital nomads” but didn’t bother to discover what it means.

Well, reading this article will not only help you understand who digital nomads are but also, it will open your eyes to the top 10 destinations for digital nomads in Africa.

So, who’re digital nomads?

Put simply, digital nomads are individuals with tech-oriented jobs but whose jobs do not restrict them to specific locations.

Broadly, a digital nomad is somebody who can choose to ply their digital business in any country, city, town, etc., as long as the chosen location guarantees them dependable Internet access and other work-conducing features including favourable climate, an affordable cost of living and cosmopolitan cultural atmosphere.

Finally, below are the Top 10 Destinations for Digital Nomads in Africa

Cape Town

Unarguably, South Africa’s Cape Town hosts a substantial amount of metro spots with a good deal of amenities including high-speed 4G access. Digital nomads touring Cape Town are certain to find a decent number of co-working spaces. Besides boasting lovely scenery for tourists to bask their eyes to, Cape Town exudes the sorts of lifestyle and culture that digital nomads would always crave.


Taghazout is well known as a Moroccan fishing town with a decent number of exquisite restaurants. Interestingly, Taghazout’s strong footing (as a befitting destination for digital nomads) hinges on the town’s popular co-working space known as Sundesk. Besides offering a blazing fast Wi-FI service, Sundesk boasts an emollient feel of relaxation owing to the sight of sea waves.

Port Louis

Regarded as the capital of Mauritius, Port Louis has been labeled one of Africa’s lovely destinations for digital nomads and certain other location-independent professionals willing to explore Africa. Owing to its pleasant features (namely affordable cost of living, balmy climate and dependable Internet access), Port Louis deserves no less than the third position among Africa’s leading hotspots for digital nomads.


Kampala has been described as one of Africa’s fastest-growing tech hubs, making the Ugandan capital city a desirable destination for digital nomads. Adding to Kampala’s giant status as a tech hub is the city’s wealth of amenities including picturesque restaurants, dozens of hilly areas and lots of business-conducive spots.


Nairobi isn’t only a widely visited African city but also a well recommended destination for digital nomads craving where to spend some location-independent business life away from their home countries. In addition to its balmy climate, Nairobi is home to a good deal of metro areas and accommodation spots, all boasting great Wi-Fi access.


Dakar features among West Africa’s top 3 fastest-growing tech hubs, making it a highly dependable destination for digital nomads in Africa. Courtesy of its myriad friendly co-working spaces, Dakar’s business atmosphere is such a great one that gives foreign entrepreneurs, tourists, nomads, etc., the avenue to harness their business potentials.


Lagos (in Nigeria) is undeniably an all-welcoming milieu for freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, etc., to ply their businesses. The city’s potpourri of tribes makes it interesting for adventurists and gadabouts to mingle with people from other backgrounds, cultures, etc.

Aside from Lagos being a major tech hub, it is an awesome destination that offers digital nomads the so-desired realm for plying their location-independent businesses.


Besides boasting scores of excellent co-working spaces well suited for nomads, entrepreneurs, etc., Tunisia’s Tunis is such a lovely city to visit. On one hand, Tunis is associated with a slightly affordable cost of living (perhaps for tourists) and on the other hand, it houses a lovely archaeological site called Bardo.


With Morocco having shot into popularity as a tourist destination, it is safe to argue that the nomad-friendly atmosphere of Marrakesh and Taghazout may have been influenced by some of the world’s leading tourist centres for entrepreneurs.

Quite interestingly, Marrakesh boasts lots of lovely co-working spaces. With Morocco’s enviable footing as one of the countries with the most reliable Internet access in Africa, Marrakesh likely deserves a spot among the best destinations for digital nomads in Africa.


While there are other lovely destinations for African digital nomads, it is safe to assert that the ones discussed here guarantee the experience best suited for the location independence associated with the jobs of digital nomads.


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