10 Key Facts About UBA Africard Card You Should Know


The UBA Prepaid Card is a pre-funded and re-loadable card issued in Nigeria and by extension African countries within . It is internationally accepted at all Visa acceptance points (ATM, POS & web) in over 200 countries.

The Nigeria UBA Africard has been around for some time, although a lot of people do not know or understand the powerful features embedded in this special VISA card. There’re reason’s why you need to consider the New UBA Africard for online and offline transactions.

  • No need to have bank account
  • Alternative to cash
  • — The Prepaid card is safe for transactions across channels (ATM, POS, Web)
  • Funds can be retrieved incase of theft or lost of the card
  • Access for fund 24/7 anywhere in the world (Worldwide Acceptance)
  • Can be used on various channels for local and international transactions (POS, WEB & ATM)

  • Valid for 3 years from month of issue
  • It requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for all ATM and POS transaction
  • Transfer money from your Prepaid card to another UBA prepaid card easily
  • Real time banking transactions

Getting a Uba Africard will solve virtually all your online issues  and most especially with Paypal. Get a UBA Prepaid Card, make a purchase or bills payment anywhere you are. Sort out your everyday purchases, online payments with your prepaid card. You can travel anywhere you want, stay wherever your heart desires and shop online as much as you like. The UBA prepaid card is acceptable on all payment channels, all you need to do is load your prepaid card with as much funds as you like.

What is UBA Africard

The UBA Africard is a prepaid visa card that is generally accepted worldwide for all online transactions.

This UBA Africard is issued by a company known as Global Technology Partners (GTP Limited).

They are foreign-based, but they are have been in Nigeria for a long time now, you can take a look at their website on this external link //gtpprepaid.com/.

How the name UBA AFricard came about 

The GTP Limited has affiliated with United Bank for Africa (UBA) to enable Nigerians get this card no matter where you are living in Nigeria, as long as there is a UBA Bank in your area, you can get this card because GTP Limited has Agents in every UBA Bank in Nigeria.

1. Practically you don’t need an account with UBA to apply for a UBA Africard. Lots of people think that they need to open an account with UBA to apply for the Africard. Te response, is capital No, as you don’t need a UBA account for his card transaction. UBA Africard is a Prepaid Card and not connected to any bank account. However, you’ll need to present a valid Government-issued ID card, A utility bill and a passport-sized photograph to be granted the card.

2. The UBA Card is a Prepaid VISA Card. The UBA Africard is consist  basically of platform  that is purely virtual with e-wallet issued by banks for online purchases especially by paypal  users as well as other  offline activities. Te card is also connected to a plastic VISA Card for offline POS, ATM and of course Web transactions.

It’s a separate entity from your bank account and can be funded only through the bank hall or transfer from your UBA account if you have one.   uba africard

  3. UBA Africard funding can only be done between the hours of  8 am to 4 pm. This card can only be funded between this time interval, that is between,  8 am and 4 pm in the bank. However, you can also fund it directly if you have your UBA bank as well by directly transferring funds from your UBA account to the UBA Prepared card. Instantly you will receive alert of your money in your prepared card.

4. The UBA Africard is VISA  Cedit card Verified. Te card can be used globally as credit card to buy and  make all sort of global payment. VISA is an international web power for online transactions, and it lives up to its reputation. Africard is Visa Verified / Verified by Visa. You can enable this option on the user portal when logged in, and this adds an extra level of security to the card transactions.

5. You can withdraw from Any ATMs for Free. Yes, unlike other ATM Cards the UBA Africard Card has a Zero charge on ATM withdraws. I do not know why this is free, but I do enjoy it as much as you will. Who doesn’t like free things?

6. Where your Debit Card fails internationally, UBA Africard will pass. Let me clear your doubt; the UBA Africard is accepted on a lot of websites even where a standard or any traditional  credit/debit card fails. Te UBA Africard have been used to make successful transaction and  payment on sites like Jumia, konga, Amazon, eBay, Fiverr, upwork, etc.

7. There’s a Naira Africard and Dollar Africard. Yes, the UBA dollar card was introduced in 2018 as a backup for his Naira counterpart. While you can fund the Naira card with Naira, you can only load the dollar card by walking up to the tellers in the banking hall with dollars. The Naira card works as much as the dollar card and can do almost anything the dollar card can do.

8. You can Withdraw from VISA and Mastercard ATMs around the World. No limit. The Africard is your excellent travel companion. You can with cash out the local currency in any country you find yourself using your card. You can also pay at any POS point in any country you are. Isn’t that impressive?

9. The UBA Africard is issued instantly. Yes, you read that right. No complicated processes. Just show up at any UBA Branch near you with your ID Card, Utility Bill and a passport photograph, and in an hour or two, you should have your Africard card activated and ready to use.

10. You can Manage your Card Online. Provided you’re connected to internet of any form, you can easily access your UBA africard balance within minutes. Practically, from experience, your UBA Africard comes fully packed with an  online portal where you can easily check balance, print  account statement, transfer funds to other cards/UBA accounts, easily revise/rectify transactions, block card, change pin, etc There are other Prepaid cards in Nigeria from other banks.

I’ll  get more detailed information and publish as usual when they’ve been properly used and tested beyond reasonable doubts.

In conclusion, here is where we draw the cotton regarding UBA Naira/Dollar Africard.


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