10 Ways To Prepare For WAEC Examinations And Pass Successfully

10 Ways To Prepare For WAEC Examinations And Pass Successfully

Since the WAEC certificate examination has become a criteria for gaining admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria, virtually all students desire to pass and succeed in their WAEC examinations. No student will like to fail and have to resit for the examination in the following year. People fail WAEC examinations for many reasons, however, as a serious student looking for the right ways to succeed in your WAEC examinations, you should employ the tips and steps which I have written in this article for you to pass your WAEC examinations.

You may be a brilliant , a hardworking and a resourceful student in school but you may miss some useful tips to pass your WAEC examinations if you ignore this article. I have highlighted on ten tips to succeed in your WAEC exams, all you need to do is to stay pinned to this post.

  1. Use the WAEC syllabus

You should take your time to study the WAEC syllabus, note down the topics and start preparing extensively on the examination. As a student who is preparing for the WAEC examination, you can’t leave your list of topic under a subject and start reading the topic which the questions wouldn’t come out from. Get your WAEC syllabus and know the places to read on.

  1. Make Use of The WAEC recommended textbooks

I have heard students say “I don’t like that New General Mathematics textbooks” or “That textbook is boring, I will get another one”. Textbooks recommended for WAEC preparations have been studied and endorsed by professors and educators as a tool which will help students to pass the WAEC examination. Do not abandon a textbook because you find it hard to get yourself acquainted and  assimilated to it.

  1. Forget Runs and WAEC Cheats

It has been known that some website, blogs and forums have made publications, posts and adverts on runs, expo or cheats so that you should patronize them. Don’t fall for cheap scams. Your priority now should be on facing your exam squarely and succeed in the examinations. If you fail to prepare and you were caught with a mobile device or a foreign material and you had your paper seized, what would you do?.

  1. Have a Reading Timetable

As a student, you should schedule your time in reading for the subjects which you have chosen for your WAEC examinations. Don’t just start reading on any subject, give time and opportunity to read the subjects at your specified point in time.

  1. Start Reading Before The Exam

Don’t wait for the sound of the gun or announcement for you to start reading and making preparations for the exam. Start preparing for it even before registering for the examinations. Remember that early preparations will give you more room and space to make research and ask questions about subjects and problems which you find difficult in your studies.

  1. Get The WAEC Past Questions’

Getting the WAEC past questions gives you the understanding of how WAEC officials and educations set their examinations. At times, questions are being repeated and most times, questions repeated are tweaked and twisted so that it students will not pass cheaply. If you are able to study the examination questions without cramming it, you will be able to understand the setup and solution to the questions even if the questions are changed and twisted.

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  1. Identify your Weak Point

If your weak point is in Mathematics, tackle it before the examination approaches near. You may be a brilliant student or an average student, but it is possible that you may not have an excellent knowledge in all subjects. Identify those subjects which you are weak, give room and time to tackle them and solve them

  1. Increase Your Reading and Learning Speed

If you are solving problem on Mathematics or if you are studying the past questions. Make sure that you time yourself and increase the speed at which you study the exam questions. If you will solve 9 mathematics questions in 90 minutes, see to it that you improve on the time and speed at which you solve them, if possible, you can solve it in an hour.

  1. Eliminate All Forms of Fear

Fear is the cause of failure. Fear brings examination fever and it erases any form of conviction of you succeeding in the examination. The cause of fear is late preparation and a low self esteem and confidence in your ability. Erase fear and believe that you will excel in your WAEC examinations.

  1. Have your Exam Timetable

You don’t need to be told to get your examination timetable when it is out. The WAEC examination timetable tells you the period of the exam and its duration. Failure to get the timetable can spell doom for you as you may be absent at the very moment you have an examination.

Other Tips You Should Know

  • You can form a study group for your WAEC examination but not when the examination is close. Forming a study group is not bad but it becomes bad when the examination is close and that brings in pressure and can cause distraction.
  • Pray to God and believe in him
  • Be at the exam center at least 30 or 1 hour before the exam commences.
  • Have your materials with you, don’t decide to borrow from anybody in the examination hall.

In conclusion, I wish you success. Having read this article, I know that it will help you in making preparations for the examinations. If you have not written or taken a WAEC examination before, this article will help you in making plans and preparations as you make efforts to come out with flying colors in the examinations. And if you have written the exam before and you are having a resit of the examination, you will pass this successfully without any problems and glitches.

I wish you success in your educational pursuit and endeavors.


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