Have you dreamt of settling in one of the best states to live in the US? Then perhaps you might want not have closely analysed the cost of living by state in the country. Wants don’t usually match pockets, so in this article we have listed the cheapest states to live in America.

Under normal circumstances, people may choose states/cities with high consumption levels because there are more job opportunities there. But in this environment, there is a lot of pressure and savings are problems.

For example, New York City is a favorite city for employment, but according to data from the Economist Intelligence Unit, New York City’s consumption level ranks seventh in the world.

In other words, a state with a low cost of living does not mean that the level of employment in that state is also low.

In the United States, many states have their own characteristic industries. Choosing those states with low cost of living and finding a good job can save a lot of money instead.

So, which states in the United States currently have the lowest cost of living?

6 Cheapest States to Live in America

Here are the cheapest states to live in America in 2021:

  1. Mississippi
  2. Arkansas
  3. West Virginia
  4. Tennessee
  5. South Dakota
  6. Alabama

1. Mississippi

Basic living expenses: $ 48,537

Annual housing rent: $ 9,009

In Mississippi, a family with 2 adults and 1 child needs approximately $48,537 in living costs per year, which is 32% cheaper than California’s. In addition, the cost of food, medical care and nursing care is also very low here, which is $150/year lower than in Arkansas.

Evaluation: The consumption in Mississippi is indeed very low, but there are also bad factors here-weather and unemployment.

2. Arkansas

Basic living expenses: $ 49,970

Annual housing rent: $ 8,584

Cheapest states to live in America

The core necessities of life in Arkansas are very cheap. People only need to spend about $708 per month on rent or mortgage repayment, which is also the lowest housing cost in the United States. However, the average annual income of Arkansas residents is about $48,000, which is the second lowest in the United States.

Evaluation: Arkansas has a large rural area. The state’s crime rate is indeed high, most of which are located in the Little Rock and Pine Bluff areas. Those who like outdoor activities can come here.

3. West Virginia

Basic living expenses: $50,608

Annual rent: $8,749

The cheapest places in the state include Clarksburg and Wilton. Coal used to develop well here, but now it doesn’t work.

Evaluation: Everyone likes to call people in West Virginia ‘hillbillies’, and they tend to discriminate.

4. Tennessee

Basic living expenses: $50,152

Annual rent: $ 9,723

Cheapest states to live in America

Except for Nashville, other places in Tennessee have very low taxes and low food consumption! Housing costs are relatively high, about US$810 per month.

It is worth noting that Tennessee is one of the most dangerous states in the United States, especially Memphis, which also ranks negatively high in the aspect among cities in the United States.

Evaluation: Tennessee is beautiful.

5. South Dakota

Basic living expenses: $50,166

Annual housing rent: $8,936

In South Dakota, a family with a monthly income of $4,200 can live in peace of mind. Housing and food here cost approximately US$1,300 per month.

Of course, what is really cheap is that South Dakota has no income tax, which means that South Dakota has the lowest tax rate in the United States. Comparatively, in New York, people pay an average of $1,000 in taxes every month

6. Alabama

Basic living expenses: $50,585

Annual rent: $9,086

Alabama has higher tax rates and health care costs, so consumption is relatively expensive.

Evaluation: The weather is not so good, and there are often tropical storms.

Last Words

There goes our top 6 list of the cheapest states to live in America. Although they might not be the best states to live in, they do offer most residents, especially immigrants, a taste of the American dream.

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