14 Best Websites To Download Full Music Albums For Free

Music plays an undeniably important role in the  life of the average human. From classic oldies to modern pop, there’s a sound for everyone. But there’s nothing quite like a free album download of your favourite musician bumping on your stereo

This article contains 14 best websites to download full music albums for free.

Music is an integral part of every society. Music for some is culture, for some, it’s a way to express oneself and for others, it’s a medium through which they pass away their thoughts and replace them with the feeling music brings.

Music has evolved through generations; different styles and genres of music have been made and discovered.

The quest to make music available for entertainment has seen the use of discs and other mediums.

However, recent innovations have made music easier to access through the internet.

These songs can be streamed or download directly to your mobile device or personal computer for offline use.

There are many sites where you can download music albums with your Android or iPhone mobile devices, or your Laptop computers.

While some of these sites require payment to download Mp3 full album, others offer free music download.

However, if you are looking for sites to download music albums free, this guide will help.

In this guide, I will be showing you some of the best websites to download full music albums for free.

12 Best Free Album Download Websites

Below are some of the best websites where you can download music albums for free.

1.YouTube MP3 Downloaders

Since YouTube is today the largest streaming platform in the world, there is almost no full album download that can’t be made through their website. In this sense, YouTube MP3 downloaders are the best software to download full albums for free.

Using this software, you can collect either entire full albums or a single song from YouTube playlist for free. Aside that, you can download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and several other video hosting platforms in a variety of video formats. Here is one of the best YouTube MP3 Downloader in the world for your free album downloads.

2. Mp3juices

Mp3juices is another popular site where you can download full albums free.

This site is accessible to everyone who wishes to download any official music and the video version of that music.

The search bar is easily accessible on the homepage and allows users to search songs of choice from their large database.

One wonderful feature of mp3juices is how it allows users to convert video files into mp3, including downloading from YouTube and converting to mp3.

Mp3juices also allows its users to streams songs with the ‘play’ option to be sure they download the music they want or just listen to it without downloading.

Strength: Mp3juices allows you to convert from mp4 or YouTube to mp3 and has a large database. The website is also interactive and no sign up is required to download files from the website.

Weakness: Mp3juices website and interface is a little bit outdated and they could do more in that aspect to meet up with other websites.

With the interface worked on, Mp3juices would be almost unrivaled when it comes to making music and albums available to music lovers.

3. Songs Lover

Songs Lover is also one of the top best websites to download full music albums for free.

For years Songs Lover has been known for its service to music lovers and fans.

With a large database, it is a trusted website to access music albums and songs.

The website is well-structured and easy to use, provides a wonderful interface for users to easily navigate.

This navigation is made possible by categorizing songs and albums into sections like latest songs, latest albums, top 100 songs, best mixtapes, and others.

On the Songs Lover site, you also get the option to download videos and lyrics of their favorite songs

Strength: The website has an interface that is easy to use and its contents are also easy to download. Songs Lover also offers online radio where users can listen and get new hits from world-class radio stations.

Weakness: The Songs Lover website supports ads that most users find as spam and discomforting.

4. Stereokiller

Stereokiller is another good website where you can download mp3 full album.

Stereokiller has a very large database with more than 9 million songs, 48 thousand brands, and 12 million reviews.

The website is well designed and easy to navigate and is dedicated only to music which you download for free.

On the Stereokiller website, you get songs from different genres ranging from hip-hop to electronic to hardcore, and new artists are also featured so users get to discover fresh faces in the music industry and download their songs.

The website also features a music community where you get to meet other music lovers and have conversations about music.

Strength: The website has lots of content and it provides a wonderful browsing experience for users. It features new artists and has a music community where lovers share ideas and thoughts on songs and albums.

Weakness: It requires signing up, a feature that could discourage some users, especially those who won’t remember their usernames or passwords.

5. Freesound

Freesound is one of the highest-rated websites for downloading songs and albums for free.

It is used to download music samples, instrumental music, and sound patches, and also excellent to download full length albums free.

You can choose from an array of options that other websites do not offer including music format, channel, bitrate, and others.

The songs downloaded on this website have wonderful sound quality even though the interface is not too impressive.

Strength: The site is completely free and easy to use. It also offers the best sound quality available, a delight music lovers.

Weakness: The website has low search options, giving fewer search results than expected. It also requires you to register, which is uncomfortable for most music lovers.

6. Soundclick

Soundclick is popularly known among people who regularly download music and albums online, as one of the best websites to download full music albums for free.

It has a modern interface that is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Also, It has a huge database of songs, albums, artists, and registered members.

On the website, music and albums are categorized into various genres, artists, weekly charts, and top downloaded.

One unique feature of SoundClick is that you can create a custom radio station and relate with other listeners on the forum section.

You can also mail e-cards to other people with birthday, valentine and wedding songs by adding your preferred music and background on the website.

Strength:  It has a modern interface, and allows you to create a custom radio station. The personalized e-cards and their different themes is one unique feature not found on other websites.

Weakness: It requires you to sign up before you can access music, and the website contains ads which a lot of users would frown at.


Jamendo is one of the most popular websites to download full music albums for free.

Boasting one of the largest databases around, there are over 37,000 albums available on Jamendo.

Whether you’re searching for a particular album or just looking to find one you might like, Jamendo is one of the best sites for you.

You can search for music depending on your genre, artist, or albums.

Strength: Jamendo has a very interactive website, with the tap of the start button, you can search and gain access to their large collection of songs. The website also allows you to make money by uploading your own songs.

Weakness: Jamendo site doesn’t allow contents to be downloaded unless the user signs up which is actually a very uncomfortable process for many users.

8. Noisetrade

Noisetrade is also known as one of the top best websites to download full music albums for free.

Noisetrade is a download albums free zip website. This means that music albums you download on Noisetrade are in Zip file format.

This free free album download websites has a wonderful interface which will interest users and is easy to use.

It’s huge database provides a host of music albums available for free download and these albums are from a variety of genres.

Despite being a free music download website, it also offers features like movies, comedy, games, tv, Netflix, Amazon and others for use.

Strength: Its interface is easy to use, the website has a lot of content and offers services like tv, games, comedy and others

Weakness: Noisetrade website supports ads which is a displeasing sight for many users.

Another concerning issue is that music and album files are downloaded in .zip form which means music lovers would need tools for unzipping these files before they can be used.

This is one factor that puts back some users on this website.

9.Free Music Archive

Website: http://freemusicarchive.org/

Free Music Archive is another site to download any artist’s full album. It has an amazing collection of full albums featuring several artists and different genres of world music.

You can opt to check out the charts from last week, last month and the all time hit songs on the FMA website. The site offers you unlimited access to download high quality full albums for free at no cost.

10.Extra Torrent

Website: http://extratorrent.ag/ 

Extra Torrent is the largest bittorent system available on the Internet today. The main purpose of the website is to provide an easy-to-use  search engine for several types of torrent files, and that includes movies, software, images, audio files, and many more.

It is considered to be the best full album download sites as it is available for free with no additional cost or subscription required. The ExtraTorrent website address was previously known as ExtraTorrent.cc, but it is now called ExtraTorrent.ag.

11. Audionautix

Website: http://audionautix.com/

Audionautix is a great site to download full albums of instrumental songs. The search engine is very simple, granting you a quick search to download audio or instrument files.

This website has a huge library of multiple genres you can make free album downloads from. You can also choose to download music by selecting the song tempo, such as Fast, Medium, and Slow. Speaking of the website design, it is well maintained and simple in its features.

12. Noise Trade

Website: http://noisetrade.com/ 

Noise Trade marries several thousands of artists with tonnes of websites to make free album downloads very easy. It offers its users a wider range of music genres.

Full album downloads are usually the most popular choice, but you choose to stream online without charge making it without a doubt one of the best sites for full album lovers.

13. Soundcloud

Website: http://soundcloud.com/

Love to make a collection of songs from your favorite artists? Then you must visit Soundcloud, which is considered the largest music and audio platform as well as one of the top full album download site in the world.

Not only that, it also creates a camaraderie between artists and fans by allowing them share their thoughts or ideas.

Easily search for an album by typing the artist name or the name of the song or tracks in the search bar. Sound Cloud is available for use on multiple device platforms including iOS, Android, Chromecast and Xbox, and on the web.

14. EDM Sauce

Website: http://www.edmsauce.com/

If you are more inclined to the EDM sound of life, then EDM sauce is your destination to get some of the best full album downloads in the genre.

That’s all on the best websites to download full music albums for free. I hope you find this guide on how to download music albums free helpful?

Here are the best 14 Full album download sites to make your free album downloads today:

  1. YouTube MP3 Downloaders
  2. Free Sound
  3. Free Music Archive
  4. Mp3Juices
  5. SongLover
  6. Jamendo Music
  7. Extra Torrent
  8. Audionautix
  9. Noise Trade
  10. Sound Cloud
  11. EDM Sauce
  12. SoundClick
  13. SongLover
  14. Last.fm
  15. Public Domain 4U

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