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Phogy breathes some fresh air into the camera app category. It adds a unique twist on how you can capture and share a selfie or photo with a pseudo-3D effect. Once captured you can simply tilt your phone and be awed by the effect… brilliant!
The app introduces you to a simple tutorial on how to take a Phogy.

In the camera is a target cross-hair, this acts as your center point of reference. You then sweep to the right for the duration of the photo exposure timer. By default the timer is 3 seconds in the freebie but you can toggle up to 10 second selfie in the Pro version. Thereafter it will process the image and star rate you on how well you captured the image- a better capture equals a smoother 3D effect.

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Once complete processing you can immediately tilt your device and see the effect. Additionally, if you’ve upgraded to the Pro app, you can apply a few filters like brightness, hue & saturation, oil paint effect, or blur & sharpness. These are unlike Instagram filters but can be combined into something creative. Lastly, you can save your creation as a live wallpaper background- there’s options to span one or multiple panes too.

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The default settings are Okay for most situations but the app has slight issues with focusing at times or sometimes distorts the aspect ratio of the subject. Therefore, I would advise tweaking the settings. To do this head to the Settings menu and turn up the Move Sensitivity slider. The higher the tweak, the better it will process the image and alleviate capture issues.

While in the settings you’ll find plenty of options for GIF animations and MP4 videos including quality, file size, loop options or even perks like slow-motion. Of course you can share on social media, send it via email or send Phogy files to friends who also have the app installed.

Download Phogy on Play Store

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