Microsoft Cortana For Android Is Here To Replace Your Google Now


Microsoft Cortana for Android

Microsoft earlier promised the release of Cortana for Android today after rolling out its Windows 10 operating system in late July. Cortana is a smart digital assistant that comes pre-loaded with Windows 10, but Android users can now benefits from it starting today.

The firm has released a beta version of Cortana which is now available for download on Google Play Store, however, the app is only made available in the US only. Being in a beta state, which means it’s not wholly completed, users may experience some hiccups here-and-there.

It is made to replace Google Now as it works much alike. After successfully installing the app and pressing the home button, you’ll be greeted by Microsoft’s virtual assistant voice rather than that of Google’s. Cortana can check weather forecast, sport scores e.t.c.

The app is expected to be made available for other regions as time goes on.