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How To Auto Unlock HTC Bootloader

Unlocking HTC bootloader using HTC dev site can be frustrating sometimes, it requires registration, knowing a bit about ADB command, Android SDK, and an active email box. These sometimes discourage basic Android users who have no knowledge on what ADB is or how to activate bootloader/fastboot options.

Of course, there are lots of other tutorials on how to unlock HTC Android phones bootloader without using htc dev tools, but most are too complex and requires skills that most Android users do not have, when talking about skills we mean the brain power which include knowing advance adb commands.

But what if there is a way to unlock any HTC bootloader automatically without having to use any adb commands, Android SDK or htc dev tools? That Is what we will be sharing this morning.

After doing some research we finally found a way to unlock htc bootloader with no registrations, commands, or htc dev tools. We mean full automation, the app automatically retrieve the unlock code from your HTC smartphone and unlock the bootloader.

Here is how

First download and install htc bootloader unlocker from here to your PC and make sure you have a stable internet (data) connection, then follow the procedures below.

  1. Enable USB Debugging
  2. To enable USB debugging go to Settings -> About Phone, tap on “build number” seven times, then go back to Settings and click “Developer options”.
  3. Connect your phone to the laptop via USB
  4. Double-click on htc bootloader unlocker you downloaded to launch and select your Android version.
  5. The app will auto detect that you have enabled USB Debugging and establish a connection with your htc device, if USB Debugging is not turned on it will notify you.
  6. In a separate port on your laptop connect a modem and establish an internet connect (or use WiFi).
  7. After few minutes a screen will pop out, read it and click the UNLOCK button to initiate the unlocking process.
  8. The process may took a while to complete
  9. After bootloader is successfully unlocked, your phone will restart.

Note: During the unlocking process make sure you don’t tamper, disconnect or move your device.

Thats all, quite simple and easy. You may need to have latest HTC driver installed on your PC for the unlocker to detect your phone, you can download htc driver from here. After you successfully unlock your bootloader, you can root your htc phone with HTC Quick Root or Kingroot.

We have confirmed that this tool no longer works for auto unlocking of HTC bootloader for all HTC smartphones. So, for now, those who wants to unlock their bootloader will have to use the official means provided by HTC developers via htcdev.com.
Using htcdev is quite easy and straightforward; much job has been done to make the procedures involved as easy as possible. Thorough guides are provided with each step that covers how-to for each procedure.
The major requirements for using HTC Dev are:

  • A laptop or desktop
  • An active data connection
  • An active email address
  • HTC driver / Fastboot and ADB
If you have these covered, then you are good to go. We have already provided you the HTC driver (scroll up). Simply go to htcdev.com and sign up for an account to get started.

P.S: To properly set up fastboot and adb on your PC, follow this guide.
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