Android System Info Application

Android System Info

Android system info is an application developed by ElectricSheep, it tells you all you need to know about your android phone. The main tab of the application shows your battery status, the details of your internal memory as well as that of your SDcard, your used and remaining RAM, and your phone uptime.

The second tab shows details of every hardware components that your android phone has, which is a great way to explore and know every single details about your phone. If you’ve just bought an Android phone and you want to know if the phone you bought was original or fake then this app is a must for you. You can also usse CPU-Z.

You don’t have to be a pro before you can use this app because it’s so easy to understand. If you want to know the true hardware specifications of your Android phone then we definitely recommend this app for you. Other great features this app offers is you can check, disable and uninstall all apps or scripts running on your phone, do multitouch test, and many more. This application is free and you can download it from the link below.

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ColorNote Notepad for Android

ColorNote Notepad

Have you ever be in a hurry to jot something down and you couldn’t find your pen because you’ve somehow lost it? Are you in a board meeting and you’ve just write some words down and you wish to save it somewhere safer? This application has been around quite for long and it’s one of the most trusted notepad for Android phones.

It is so flexible and it offers great features you’ll definitely need. It can automatically synchronize your notes and encrypt it using AES standard. You can also color coded your notes for easy navigation and search. It can manually backup your note to your memory card or you can chose to let it automatically backup your notes for you on Google Drive. This app offer so many features that we can’t all mentioned. It is readily available for free on Google Play.

Click Here to download ColorNote from Google Play

Flash share Android App

Flash Share

Flash Share is an application created by Tecno Mobile, It comes pre-installed in some Tecno-manufactured Android phones like Techno N3. It let you share all your media files including installed applications on your phone using your phone WiFi hotspot, which is more better than using Bluetooth when sharing large files. It offer great speed when transferring files from one Android device to another, with the speed of about 1.5-2.0Mbps and it works with all android phones. One of the great features Flash Share has is the ability to share installed and pre-installed apps on your phone.

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