Are you looking for a virtual debit card to use either for online shopping or for any other purpose, then you can use any of the virtual card service providers below.

3 Best Virtual Debit Card Services


Privacy is a great name for a fantastic service that focuses on your privacy. It’s like a true virtual debit card in that it keeps all of your information to itself and has some really cool features:

  • It’s completely free (absolutely no charges or fees)
  • Make single-use or re-usable debit cards.
  • Lock a card to a specific retailer so that it can only be used there.
  • Set a spending cap (per charge, overall, or per month/year).
  • Define which bank each card uses to get its funds.
  • Cards can be paused and resumed at any moment.
  • Cancel cards to remove the number from the system forever.
  • In Chrome, you can make cards on the fly.

To keep track of where you’re using your virtual payment cards, give them names.

It’s available online or as an Android or iOS app.

Privacy’s virtual cards can be used in a variety of ways. One is if you’re buying somewhere new or insecure and you’re worried your card number may be stolen or sold. Simply create a merchant-locked card with a spending restriction set to the exact amount you require.

Another great use case is signing up for trials that require financial information. Set a spending restriction of $1 or less than the first payment amount, and then join up with your card without fear of being charged. Alternatively, create the card, enter the card’s information into the object you’re testing, and then cancel your card!

All transactions from all of your virtual cards are displayed in your account as if it were a single large bank statement, which is really useful for keeping track of how you’re using it. You can also check how much you’ve spent on Privacy today and in the last 30 days all in one spot.


Privacy supports two-factor authentication, which makes it considerably more difficult for someone to access your cards even if they know your password.


Another useful security feature is the “private payments” option, which will appear on your bank statement as one of the following selections (rather than the actual retailer where you made the purchase):, H&H Hardware, Smileys Corner Store, or the NSA Gift Shop are all good places to start.


The features just keep on coming! You can also get cashback with Privacy, which gives you 1% back on every purchase you make with a Privacy card. To make it function, you’ll need a Cashback Key.



Blur is another tool that allows you to create virtual cards so that your real card number is never revealed to the websites where you shop. When you’re ready to buy something, it buys prepaid gift cards on your behalf so you may use the gift card number instead of your own when you place an order. All of this takes place behind the scenes and on the go.


It’s quite simple to use your virtual cards. You can choose to create a new disguised card after entering your card information. Blur will ask you how much you want to spend, then purchase a card to cover the fees and immediately give you the card number so you can complete the purchase anonymously.


Blur is available as a desktop Chrome extension as well as a mobile app.


Blur Premium is free for the first 30 days, after which you must pay either $40 USD per year for the basic subscription or $15 USD per month for the unlimited plan (or less if you choose the $100 yearly option).


Blur is more than just a virtual debit card platform, to be sure. It also has features for storing passwords, masking your email and phone number, and blocking web trackers.



Skrill allows you to send money to pals, buy bitcoin, shop online, and even play poker online, in addition to using a virtual card. You may create a virtual card to use anywhere online that accepts Mastercard after you have money in your Skrill account.


Only your first virtual card is free, but it allows you to protect your privacy and funds by hiding your real details from websites. A Skrill virtual card can be in any of the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, or PLN.

You can cancel the card at any moment, and you can even specify how long it should be valid before it expires and becomes useless to anyone who has the number.

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