So you ordered your favourite football kit online. But the kit looks cheap and sketchy. There is a high chance that you have received a fake football kit!

Despite several efforts from top brands like Puma, Nike, or Adidas, it seems that fake football jerseys and kits are becoming more and more prevalent.

Nowadays, fake sellers are appearing much more openly on online shopping platforms and social media. Some of them even set up their shopping sites to sell fake football kits and other items. But no worries, not all sites are fraudulent. You can find authentic and genuine football kits from sites DHgate and the likes.

With the rising number of counterfeit football jerseys and kits in the market, it becomes extremely important for you to stay alert. Here are some effective ways that can help you spot a fake football kit.

  • Quality

The first and foremost thing you should check is the quality of the product. Counterfeit kits are typically made of cheap materials. Both the real and fake football kits may appear the same, but they differ in quality.

The fake product is always made of cheap and less durable materials. You can find out the quality of the jersey by just touching it. Also, check the seams and stitches. If it is a real kit, it will have durable and fine stitches.

  • Logos and embroidery

Just checking the quality is not enough. Over the years, they have improved the quality of counterfeit products. This is why you should also pay close attention to the embroidered logos on the football shirts.

If you find the logo sketchy or out of shape, it is because it is fake. The logo looks off because of the change in fonts and other elements. But with the recent development of heat-applied plastic crests, it has become easier to copy logos to create fake products. So you need to have a really good eye to spot a counterfeit football kit.

  • Unknown online store

If you are ordering a football kit online, be very cautious of the site you are buying it from. You should avoid buying from sites that look sketchy and don’t have a professional design, attractive interface, high-quality pictures, etc.

Fake sellers these days create their sites to sell counterfeit football kits. So before you start shopping from a website make sure you go through the reviews and ratings first. This will give you an idea of whether the site is authentic or not.

  • Look for mistakes

No matter, how much they try to copy the original, there will always be some mistakes. If you can spot this mistake, you can easily identify if the product is fake.

In the case of football kits, you should check for the spellings, logo design, patterns, and colours. If needed compare your kit with a picture of an original football kit on the web. This will help you spot the mistakes easily.

The problem of counterfeit football kits and jerseys is not just troubling the sellers, but also the buyers. If you are spending money, you deserve original and quality products.

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