5 African Countries You Can Travel To By Road


Lots of people travel each day to other West African nations, for example, Togo, Ghana, Liberia, either by buses or private vehicles.

You also can do it either with companions or alone. All you require are your Nigerian passport, Yellow card, and lots of money!

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The following are a few nations you can visit by road

1. Mali

Investigate the landlocked nation in West Africa. Mali is the eighth-biggest nation in Africa, with a region of a little more than 1,240,000 square kilometers. Board a vehicle from Togo going to Mali or go Northern Ghana and board a bus.

2. Ghana

Ghana is so delightful, particularly when you travel by road. Arm yourself with your passport, yellow card, and the Cedis prior to traveling.

You can get a bus from Jibowu or Maza heading for Accra or Weija.

3. Senegal

Go to Senegal through Cotonou, Burkina Faso then Mali, or simply take an immediate bus from Cotonou. Exposed as a primary concern that Cotonou to Burkina Faso is 23 hrs bus ride, Burkina Faso to Mali (Bamako) is another 27hrs. At last, Bamako to Dakar will take 26 hrs. The bus withdraws from Cotonou each night between 4 pm-6 pm.

4. Mauritania

From Bamako (Mali) take a major bus to Nouakchott, run by Sonef which costs US$65 and would take you 31hrs (counting a stand by at the border of 4 hours). From Nouakchott, get a minibus to Nouadhibou (US$20, around 6 hours).

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5. Morocco

Take a mutual vehicle to Dakhla from Mauritania (US$46, 8 hours, including a few hours staying nearby at the border).

Take in the sights of the wide-open from the minibus.

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