Although Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri appear to be the only virtual assistant applications discussed, there are many others. You may not have heard of any of these, yet many of them may be more suited to your needs than the two market giants.

1 Bixby  (Samsung Only)

Samsung’s in-house virtual assistant app is called Bixby. While Bixby was initially an annoyance to most Galaxy phone owners, Samsung has worked to enhance the software over time, introducing new capabilities and improving old ones.

Bixby offers a few advantages over Google Assistant, including stronger connectivity with Samsung phones. Bixby, for example, may provide you with quick access to your phone’s settings.

It also offers useful features like “fast commands,” which let you use brief sentences to answer frequent questions, and Bixby routines, which are similar to Siri’s Shortcuts. If you have a lot of SmartThings devices in your house, you can use Bixby to control them all.

We can’t promote Bixby to everyone because it’s only accessible on a few Samsung smartphones. Even so, if you have a Bixby-enabled phone, you should give it a shot. This isn’t the same flaky Bixby that debuted so long ago.


2. Bot for Data (Android & iOS)

When Jarvis initially appeared in the first Iron Man film, it sparked a yearning for a humorous AI assistant to accompany the glossy Hollywood graphics. DataBot, like Siri and Google, is more grounded and nuanced than Jarvis, but it could fill that Sci-Fi craving.

DataBot is a virtual assistant with a lot of various modules that can do a lot of useful things. This includes things like web searches and calendar management. However, it’s primarily entertaining as an “AI” that you can converse with, modify, and play with.

3 Robin (Android)

Robin is described by its creators as an “infotainment” voice assistant, implying that it is intended to be used in a car while driving.

So it’s not meant to be a replacement for Google Helper or Siri, but rather to be a better in-car assistant than any of them.

As a result, Robin’s features are largely focused on keeping you safe and having fun while driving. Robin can play personalized songs, locate parking spots, perform Facebook tasks, and more.

Just keep in mind that, despite its long existence, Robin is still a beta program, so anticipate the occasional problem.

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4. The Hound (Android & iOS)

SoundHound Inc. is the creator of Hound. SoundHound began as a music recognition technology similar to Shazam, but has now evolved into a customizable AI voice assistant platform. Hound is a demonstration of what their technology is capable of.

Hound can perform most of the things that other voice assistants do, but its greatest claim to fame is that it can mimic normal speech.

It can keep track of and comprehend the context of its talks with you. As a result, Hound is more conversational than you may be used to.

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