Without dubiety, the gaming industry has experienced a series of remarkable innovations. Of all the technologies which have found their way into the gaming industry, VR gaming happens to be a fantastic mention. On many occasions, gamers, inclusive of children and adults, crave an experience that brings the gaming spot to them or that takes them into the gaming realm. The latter statement gives the impression that gamers desire the gaming experience which presents characters looking almost exactly like real-life players.

Luckily, game startup companies are implementing innovative techniques necessary for living up to gamers’ demands. By creating software with emotion recognition and certain other innovative capabilities, these companies are helping gaming companies, developers, advertisers and marketers win over the attention of their consumers.

Finally, below are the 5 best game startup companies changing the future of gaming.


SQream is one of such game startups which provide gamers with modern technologies that are in tandem with their gaming desires. Besides making good use of big data analytics, SQream holds its reputable position in the gaming industry by running an advanced technology, precisely a database system which connects game users with game companies. SQream’s advanced technology tends to offer a number of benefits including efficient means of processing and evaluating player interactions, virtual delights, advertising, gameplay data and others.


This startup is concerned with improving reality technology as it rides on the strength of an innovation (known as AR glasses) for establishing an integrated game space. The AR glasses can help convert your home space into a game spot courtesy of the appearance of 3D holograms of characters and objects on the surface of a film-like element.

AR, in actuality, doesn’t present you the exact feel of an in-depth digital world but interestingly, you’ve got to enjoy a close observation of objects and characters from a different world. CastAR is really working to improve its technologies to the point of giving game lovers an entirely new feel of gaming experience. Gamers can therefore dream of the gaming experience which perfectly portrays the storylines, settings, characters, etc., which they’re conceiving for their games.


This has been considered a kids-centred game startup company owing to its creation of apps that are essential for children’s learning process. Sphero’s apps ride on the strength of robotics in order to provide children with lots of innovative capabilities through interaction with toys. Prettily, some of Sphero’s toys stimulate children to acquire the know-how of complex skills (such as coding) right from their tender ages. It suffices to argue that Sphero prioritizes children’s learning over entertainment.

Lucid Light

Lucid Light lets gaming companies easily rake profits from their products through its use of an advertising kit for software development. With the aid of this kit, developers are able to place their games on VR-suited platforms. Lucid Light is believed to be championing the cause for free-to-use and high-quality VR games. Therefore, it provides an avenue for gaming companies to develop and exhibit free products which do not end up with a loss of VR impact.


This game startup company reeled in some robust income following its development of an emotion-recognition tool for marketers and advertisers to examine the reactions of their consumers. With this tool having found its rhythm in the gaming industry, Affectiva seems to have carved out a remarkable technology for creating emotion-sensitive games capable of examining faces, hence further customizing players’ experience.

By way of example, Affectiva’s emotion-recognition tool can be used by a video game company to ascertain if its horror titles actually reflect the horrifying impact expected of them. Moreover, this technology enables games to read players’ emotions and analyze their expressions, hence paving the way for a better level of customization.


It isn’t any news that game startups are essential players in the gaming industry and for the industry to reach remarkable heights in future, the roles of such companies must not be underestimated.

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