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Scattergories games is a party game released by Milton Bradley in 1988.

How Scattergories Online Works

While the gameplay varies significantly from version to version, here’s how online Scattergories work in general.

  • Players choose whether to play in a public or private room.
  • The website or app displays a list of categories and a beginning letter as the game begins.
  • Each participant must come up with a word that begins with the first letter and fits into each category while staying inside the time restriction (usually two minutes).

Benefits to Playing Scattergories Online

Playing Scattergories online might help you manage your game more efficiently. The platform will vary depending on which app or site you use:

  • You can play with your friends or strangers in both public and private game rooms.
  • Keep track of time limits and notify you when they are reached.
  • Each round should be scored automatically.
  • Provide a chat area where players can converse with one another.


Scattergories are available for free on this website in over a dozen languages. What a fantastic approach to expand your vocabulary in a foreign language!

Before you begin, you can select game genres, as well as the number of players and rounds.
You can choose to play with gamers from all over the world, add a robot as a co-player, or invite friends by sending them the game URL.

You’ll see a list of the other players’ entries when you’ve completed the first round.
You can then challenge any of their statements. If you confirm the results, you will be taken directly to the next round of gameplay, or to the game results if you completed the last round.
It isn’t the most slick-looking website, and there are a few ads, but nothing too bothersome.


This free and ad-free site is ideal for playing Scattergories online when paired with Zoom or your preferred online meeting platform.

  • To begin, start a Zoom meeting.
  • Then one person goes to this website and shares their screen with everyone else so that everyone can view the same list of categories.
  • Assign someone to keep track of the time.
  • You’re all set after the individual sharing their screen clicks Play.
  • After the time limit has expired, everyone shares their responses.
  • If another player has given the identical answer for a category as you, none of you will receive a point.

3. Really.Boring.Website

A link to Play Online is hidden in the footer of the Swellgarfo website (BETA). It will take you to if you choose it. You can join or create a public or private room to play Scattergories online.
This free website has a chatbox as well as a rulebook so that everyone can agree on the regulations. The space is well-designed and can handle gatherings of up to 24 individuals.


Scattergories can be played online with StopotS’ web, Android, or iOS apps. All of the apps are free, although they do contain advertisements. You have the option of playing anonymously or logging in using Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Instantly play by creating a room or being matched with others. You can quickly communicate with other players through in-game chat.

The game is smooth to play, and the app guides participants through all parts of the game, from answering questions to validating them.


This site is geared toward children learning English as a second language, but anyone who loves to play Scattergories online would enjoy it. To play with others, you’ll need to join a Zoom call, like Swellgarfo.

Select one person to see this webpage and share their computer screen with. The game will begin once they click the “Choose a letter” button and start the timer. When the timer runs out, everyone contributes their responses, and the score is kept as normal.


If you want to exercise your mind and brain a little bit, you can start playing any of the listed Scattergories games above,

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