Technically described as “signals”, these smart ideas are required for identifying critical things such as when to sell/buy specific cryptocurrencies and the price at which you should trade. Undeniably, the crypto market is so volatile that any decision by a rookie trader to sell/buy without considering expert-provided ideas may spell huge doom.

Broadly, the need for expert trading ideas by lots of crypto traders necessitates the existence and proliferation of Telegram crypto signal channels and groups. While there are myriads of Telegram crypto signal groups/channels out there, it’s certainly not all of these groups/channels that are worth being selected.

As a shrewd trader willing to choose a Telegram crypto signal group, you may want to know if the group offers such perks as technical analysis, reliable signals and market news. To save you the task of having to search here and there, we have come up with a list of the top 15 Telegram crypto signal channels and groups in 2021.

Crypto Trading Signals – How They Work (Updated Guide 2019)


Learn2Trade is a widely acclaimed provider of crypto signals. Quite interestingly, it is a UK-based platform that goes beyond the mere offering of crypto signals.

Admittedly, Learn2Trade further provides Forex signals, making it a versatile platform for trading and investment. This versatility; implying the offering of both Forex and crypto signals; is a capability you barely find in majority of the other Telegram crypto signal groups out there.

While it broadly concerns itself with the provision of investment and trading education, Learn2Trade does boast a good deal of benefits. Here are some of the benefits you’re likely to derive from the platform:

A zero-charge crypto signal group –This is described as Learn2Trade’s free signal group. Despite being a free medium, the group provides members with the weekly benefit of three premium signals. This is damn exciting because even as they aren’t subscribed to the premium group, members in this (free) group are sure of getting three premium signals freely every week.

A value-adding VIP group –Learn2Trade’s VIP group offers the exclusive benefit of technical analysis that subscribers can access on a daily basis. Prettily, the analysis cuts across Ethereum, Bitcoin and several other preferred cyptos.

Life-time subscription –This comes as a subscription plan, available at a fee of £250 and which offers life-time access.


MyCryptoParadise provides a great avenue for investors to leverage on cryptocurrencies in their quest for achieving financial freedom. This is why MyCryptoParadise not only provides guidance but also signals for trading in a broad range of crypto assets.

MyCryptoParadise is excellently run by a team of four crypto experts who boast considerable experience in fundamental and technical analysis. Below are some of the perks of the Telegram crypto signal provider:

Comprehensive account management –This offering is exclusively available to the Platinum VIP members of MyCryptoParadise

Provision of credible testimonials –MyCryptoParadise offers authentic evidence of successes. This evidence comes as reviews and testimonials made by both VIP subscribers and the free-group members.

Provision of monthly reports –The monthly report provided by MyCryptoParadise is a clear proof of how transparent the trades on the platform are. Through the report, members get to see the list of both successful and less successful trades in both free and VIP groups

Availability of free Telegram channels –MyCryptoParadise’s free Telegram channels let you see beneficial market analysis in addition to the provision of free signals. Also, these free channels let you trade on popular exchanges such as Bitmex, ByBit and Binance.


This crypto community is an offshoot of which constitutes the world’s most-visited platforms for crypto news. BeinCryptoCommunity is distinguished for a number of benefits which include educational content (in the form of tutorials), trade setups and real-time news.

Through its combined offering of project reviews, live streams and educational material, BeinCryptoCommunity is committed to developing its members into professional traders. Courtesy of the live streams offered, members of this Telegram crypto community are able to access weekly market reports which summarize market forecasts and key events.

All of BeinCryptoCommunity’s offerings (including signals and educational content) are provided by a team of trading experts. Besides being a Telegram crypto platform offering free access, BeinCryptoCommunity provides members with updates on relevant news, crypto prices and expert analysis. These updates, which come from the community’s parent site BeInCrypto News, are certain to keep members abreast of trends.

4.Fat Pig Signals

Besides being a widely known Telegram group for crypto signals, Fat Pig Signals is a trusted crypto provider managed by industry experts. Fat Pig Signals offers both free and VIP Telegram groups.

With an estimated user base of 8,000 members, Fat Pig Signals’ VIP channel provides subscribers with well-analyzed signals coupled with a good deal of customized services. The experience with Fat Pig Signals’ free channel is never as great as that of the VIP channel. However, the free channel provides members with few VIP signals, market updates and vital market news.

Some of Fat Pig Signals’ other perks are compatibility with auto trading, an always-responsive customer support service and provision of signal varieties: short-term, mid-term and long-term signals.

Fat Pig Signals’ ancillary offerings further include portfolio management (for long and medium-term goals), ByBit/Bitmex signals (for margin trading) and Binance signals with risk management. Essentially, Fat Pig Signals prides on its impressive accuracy record which stands at over 75% accuracy.

5.Telegram Signals

This Telegram crypto signal platform generously provides professional trading advice as well as technical analysis relating to trading pairs and the markets. Importantly, Telegram Signals’ advice is considered well-thought-out recommendations based upon expert analysis of market developments and research. This, certainly, is why Telegram Signals is well suited for the crypto needs of all platforms and brokers.

Here’s a rundown of the services/features provided by Telegram Signals:

Access to popular and altcoin signals –The VIP channel of Telegram Signals guarantees access to signals for both popular cryptos (such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum) and alternative cryptos.

Compatibility with auto trading

Provision of a crypto trading bot

Availability of signal varieties –These signals include short-term, mid-term and long-term crypto signals.

Sincerely, we are not paid to write positive reviews about any of these groups/channels. If you’re on the fence while attempting to choose any of the recommended channels/groups, you should conduct further research.

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