Since the ban of ‘okada’ and ‘keke napep’, traffic has gotten way worse in Lagos and Lagosians are constantly complaining seriously.

No one can get used to getting home at odd hours after leaving your home before the day breaks. The ban of ‘okada’ and ‘keke napep’ isn’t helping at all as many Lagosians have their cars on the road and the number of buses commuting the Lagos roads has increased.

In spite of the fact that Lagos is well known for the extreme congestion and high populace. From commercial buses wahala to joining the long line for BRT buses, adapting to Lagos traffic may appear to be unthinkable.

Because we feel your torments and we know there’s nothing exciting about remaining in traffic for quite a long time, we’ve assembled a few hints that can help you adapt in Lagos traffic.

Regardless of whether you’re driving or hopping from one transport to the next, these tips will assist you with enduring the traffic in one piece.

1. Leave before the rush hours

In Lagos, you need to remain ‘woke’ by perceiving the rush hours of the day. This information will assist you in exploring the city appropriately.

For instance, on the off chance that you live on the terrain and work on the island, you need to realize the best ideal opportunity to leave your work environment.

Possibly you’re driving or boarding buses, Lagos traffic has regard for nobody. You can ask individuals and furthermore screen the occasions when there’s gridlock and when the street is free.

2. Make Music Your Friend

Having a traffic playlist is probably the most ideal approach to adapt to Lagos traffic. In case you’re driving you can make the most of your number one music through your speakers, however, those that load up open vehicles ought to guarantee they have a headset or earpiece with them constantly.

The music will take your brain off the traffic for a brief period.

3. Stock your phone with movies

For those that board public vehicles, you can Netflix and chill while your driver discovers his/her method of the traffic. You wouldn’t see the number of hours you’ve spent in the traffic while you’re viewing your film.

It’s a decent interruption from Lagos traffic.

4. Snacks is also a good buddy

You might probably be hungry after having a stressful day at work. Eating some snacks will likewise help you adapt to Lagos traffic.

From plantain chips to sausages like gala, you can generally have it helpful.

5. Make Google Maps your friend

Driving in Lagos traffic can be unpleasant and baffling. Using Google Maps will assist you in exploring Lagos traffic.

With the application, you’ll have the option to explore the quickest route to your destination as opposed to being trapped in traffic.

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