Considering technological advancement and development, the is a need for an upgrade in the way your car looks even if you cannot afford money to buy the new model cars or you are just stratified with the one you have.

Changing some gadgets and also replacing most of them with newly invented car technologies/gadgets can be of great importance and advantage to you and your driving experience.

This article will list the 5 Gadgets you can use to Make your Car look more Modern than it is.

1. Sensors

Parking sensors are now standard on many cars, but those who don’t have them can add them manually. There is a wide range of sensors available that will operate with basically any vehicle.

The sensors should be placed in the back of the vehicle, and the buzzer should be placed on the dashboard. A camera and a screen that can be installed on the dashboard are also available as more expensive alternatives.

2. Entertainment and Nav Control System

While most new cars come equipped with entertainment and navigation systems, not all of them are created equal. Typically, the design and features of these systems aren’t especially impressive.

Many drivers choose to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto instead, but both platforms aren’t supported by all systems.

Thankfully, replacing the old system (or lack thereof) with one that supports either or both isn’t difficult. Sony’s XAV-AX5000 media receiver supports both and provides a smooth experience.

However, there are models that are both cheaper and more expensive, so do some research to find a suitable fit.

3. Key Tracker

Keys are undoubtedly one of the easiest items to misplace, which is sad. Instead of seeking and worrying, use a key tracker that connects to a smartphone app. The majority of them use GPS to show where the object is in relation to the phone.

4. Tire Safety Monitor

It’s really difficult to notice when a car is slowly becoming flat and so consuming more petrol. Flat tires are easy to overlook, especially if they occur on the passenger side and the driver does not frequently inspect that side.

High-end vehicles usually have a sensor that alerts the driver if a tire is underinflated. This feature can be manually introduced to any car that does not already have it.

5. On-board System Adapter and App

On-board diagnostics II is a feature included in most cars manufactured after 1996 that provides technicians with information about the vehicle. This system is used to assess the general condition of the vehicle’s numerous components, as well as information such as mileage and fuel usage.

This type of information is usually only available to manufacturers and mechanics. Drivers can access various bits of data using an adaptor and app like those from OBD Auto Doctor. It can be used to detect engine problems before visiting a repair, to view fuel consumption, routes, and distances traveled, and to send crash notifications to friends and family.


Adding most of these techs and gadgets can make your driving experience a good one and it can also reduce stress and suffering which is why technologies are been invented

Visit any of the car shops near your location to get any of the gadgets listed above and enjoy the new look of your car.

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