Do you love iOS but for some reason, you cannot afford to buy one for yourself but you really wish you were able to get one, then you should consider changing the looks and interface of your Andriod device to that of an iOS, so, the desire or envy for iPhone will reduce.

To do this, download any of the themes/launchers mentioned below and see how beautiful your Andriod phone will look and the changes.

5 iOS Launchers for Android to Alleviate Your iPhone Envy


iOS 12 Launcher

4.8 out of 5 stars

The total number of votes is 135,096.

1,000,000+ installs

Free of charge

LinnTinh Developers, the company behind the previous skin, Control Center iOS 12, also produces a few Android launchers, including Launcher iOS 12. Both are well-made and the ultimate poor man’s iPhone, as I noted in a recent compilation of all-purpose Android launchers, notably this one.


Both make your Android behave like an iPhone, which is “…the most powerful, personal, and intelligent device……ever been,” according to the publisher.


LnnTinh is clearly a fan of iPhones, however…


The iOS 12 Launcher emulates iOS 12 on your Android smartphone. Your settings and functions are organized in an iOS-style Control Center, and popular gestures and other features operate similarly to Assistive Touch on iOS. The default theme is vintage iOS, and customization possibilities abound, much as on iOS (and most other operating systems).


Other iOS characteristics include icons with rounded corners, animations rather than transitions, and so on. This Launcher works nicely with Android and allows you to switch back and forth quickly when necessary. It also boasts an extremely pleased and devoted user base, according to the Play Store reviews.


iOS 13 Launcher

4.5 out of 5 stars

46 people have voted.

10,000+ installations

Free of charge

I know what you’re thinking: iOS 13! There isn’t one! The publisher, MH Apps Studio, has created an intriguing iOS launcher by combining an iOS 12 look with what is known about the future iOS 13. As you can see, it has received very few ratings, implying that it is on our list largely owing to my positive assessment of this very new software.


You receive the 12 and 13 style desktops with built-in File Explore and File Manager functionality, which allows you to create desktop computer-like folders with functions like search, explore, copy, paste, zip/unzip, RAR, delete, share, and more.


Almost every area of the UI has been upgraded to mirror the newest iOS look and feel, including the time, weather, and RAM widgets, drag and drop, customisable desktop folders, live wallpapers, customized picture tiles, multitasking, lock screen, and much more.


Weather, calendar, and picture tiles have all been introduced, as well as taskbar transparency, multi-color taskbars and menus, and widgets in desktop mode.


And, if that weren’t enough, this is one of the quickest iOS launchers I’ve seen in my testing, making it a pretty excellent package altogether.



4.6 out of 5 stars

16,817 people have voted.

1,000,000+ installs

Free of charge

New Theme for Phone X is part of a collection of very trendy and appealing themes in a variety of motifs meant for the young at heart, including autos, comics, sci-fi, photography, and many more, as you can see from both the business name and the name of this launcher.


While there isn’t much new functionality here, your smartphone can move from one set of eye-popping images to another with a handful of motions. It’s all really appealing and enjoyable.


Numerous HD wallpapers and icon collections are also included, as well as the default iPhone X OS 11 theme, 3D themes, 3D special effects, a 3D weather widget with 3D special effects, Rose Galaxy live wallpapers, the Wolf Spike Blood King theme, and, of course, the necessary 3D launcher.


You also gain access to numerous unique themes from the publisher’s library, such as Horror Black and Horror Wolf wallpaper, which aren’t necessary part of the NEW Theme for Phone 10.


The launcher gives you access to the whole selection of themes from The Best Android Themes, which includes Galaxy Unicorn Shinny Glitter, Hell Devil Death Skull Theme, 3D Wild Neon Wolf Theme, and more.


Lockscreen for OS 11

4.5 out of 5 stars

12,995 people have voted.

500,000+ installs

Free of charge

Some users choose to augment or replace individual features of one interface with another rather than altering the complete Android experience. The iOS lock screen, for example, is preferred by many users over the Android lock screen. This is when launchers like as OS 11 Losckscreen come in handy. It has a minimal feature list:


Lock Screen Alerts: While Android’s lock screen notifies you of unread emails and messages, as well as most other notifications, and they’re very customisable, if you prefer iPhone notifications, this easy software is for you.

Keypad Lock Screen: PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) enable you to lock down your phone with four easy-to-remember numbers, similar to your bank (and now Windows desktops).

Lock Screen Wallpaper: This simply lets you to customize the photos and backgrounds that appear on your locked screens by setting and rotating them.

Sometimes little is more, or at the very least, sufficient.


Phone 8 & Control Center OS 12 iLauncher

4.1 out of 5 stars from users

4,818 people have voted.

1,000,000+ installs

Free of charge

OS 12 iLauncher, which has received over a million downloads, focuses on and integrates what many users believe to be the greatest iOS and iPhone innovations throughout the years, in this instance iOS 12 and Control Center iOS 12 on an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus.


For example, iOS 12 provides Quad HD resolution to the iPhone and, now, to Android through this launcher. Furthermore, for all of its capabilities, this launcher was quicker, cooler, and used less battery life than the majority of the others in our roundup.


iNotify, lock screen notifications, iOS 12 Control Center, and Smart Search for quick searches of the control center, applications, and home screen are among the highlights.


Swiping down to reveal a Phone-8-like notifications bar, better app manipulation, and swipe up home screen to get setting shortcuts to essential features like as applications, widgets, wallpapers, icons, and system themes to personalize your launcher effortlessly are just a few of the Phone 8 Plus features.


As with the previous OS 11 Lockscreen launcher, this one lets you pick and select the finest features of both platforms, mixing them to meet your requirements. OS 12 iLauncher Phone 8 & Control Center OS 12’s popularity speaks for itself.

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