5 Must Have Apps You Need To Install On Your Rooted Android Phone


5 Must Have Apps For Rooted Android

Most people found it difficult to know the specific app needed for their specific needs after rooting their Android device. Root gives users the previledge to configure and make changes to the system file. There are lots of applications that make use of this, but we will be limiting our recommendations to only five. Yea five apps for different purpose, if you’ve just root your Android phone make sure you install them.

Titanium Backup: A multi-purpose tool for advanced root users and a must have for every Android users. Titanium Backup is a powerful tool that is comp rises of many advance features. And as its name suggest, it is capable of backing up almost everything on your phone to an external storage including SMS, MMS, calls, bookmarks, Apps, and Wi-Fi APN as XML. Other features are auto sync to/from multiple cloud base storage server, App freezer, Creating flashable zip file, Delvik cache cleaner, verify and uninstall multiple apps and lots more. It is a must have, you can download it here from Google Play.

ES File Explorer: A File managing app with several functions, we love this app that we can’t do without reviewing it once in month. It is a perfect tool for uninstalling multiple apps and it can also be use to auto back-up apps as you uninstall them. But that’s not all, giving it a root permission enhances and give it more power. For instance, ES File Explorer can auto install apk apps as you download them, it can also be use as a root explorer in making changes to system attribute and files.

Viper4Android: Are you an audiophile? You will really love this. Viper4Android is an audio enhancer for Android phones that offers many tweaks and customizations. It is one of the best audio plugin for Android till date and it is more powerful than known DSP and Music FX. It comes in two types, XHiFi and FX, the later is our favorite.

DroidWall Firewall: Droidwall disable and block unwanted apps from accessing the internet which inturn saves your precious data. DroidWall is also useful in boosting and saving battery life by denying apps from auto accessing the internet which likewise consumes phone battery. You can download it from here.

Greenify/App Quarantine: An effective way to freeze RAM consuming apps and hence boost your Android phone battery life and efficiency. Greenify is one of the top rated root app on Play Store, capable of freezing any apps including systems apps in one-click, but it only supports Android 3.0 upward and that is where App Quarantine comes in. App Quarantine works much like Greenify but supports Android 2.2+. To download Greenify click here, for App Quarantine click here.

Haven’t root your device yet? Give these root apps a try.

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