Do you have a friend or loved one that loves reading books, then you should consider buying any of the tech equipment/ gifts mentioned below in this article to help facilitate their reading and also make reading interesting for them.

5 Perfect Tech Gifts for Book Lovers

Below are the 5 Perfect Tech Gifts for Book Lovers

 1. Kindle Paperwhite – $110

While most people prefer to read ebooks on their tablet or smartphone, there are several advantages to utilize an e-ink device instead.

The updated Kindle Paperwhite is a fantastic present option. The Paperwhite is an impulse buy at $110, but it has a lot of good features. It’s slim, light, and water-resistant. It includes a built-in light and supports Audible audiobooks and Bluetooth headsets.

It has one of the greatest 300 PPI Paperwhite screens on the market. While Amazon sells more expensive e-readers, it’s difficult to see why anyone would pay more for Paperwhite, which is such a well-rounded and sophisticated product.


2. Glocusent Mini Clip-on Reading Light – $18.99


Whether you’re reading a paper book or using an e-reader without a backlight, this clip-on light is a useful gift for a passionate reader. The Glocusent is distinguished by the following characteristics.

It can be used as a free-standing lamp because the base can be used as both a clip and a stand. There’s no need to rummage for AA batteries midway through a book because the battery is rechargeable.

It also features three color temperatures, five brightness levels, and enough battery life to last you through a short vacation without needing to recharge.


3. An Audible Gift Membership – $7.95 to $229.50

While exercising, doing errands, or “resting your eyes” on the couch, audiobooks are an excellent way to catch up on great reading.

In the audiobook industry, Audible is the market leader. You may access an extensive collection of audiobooks as part of your membership.

You receive one credit per month that you can use to purchase any book in the library, which you can keep even if you cancel your subscription.

If you give someone a $149.50 one-year subscription, they will receive 12 books of their choice to keep plus access to thousands more.


4. Amazon Kindle Gift Cards


For ebook fans, Amazon’s Kindle Store is a popular location. Because these books can be read on almost any device, a Kindle gift card is a secure pick for a book enthusiast. These cards are standard Amazon cards with Kindle pictures, so they don’t have to be used to buy books.


5. Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) – $175

Whether you prefer to listen to audiobooks or listen to music on your device while reading, a good set of wireless buds can be really beneficial. While there are a variety of choices available, Apple’s AirPods are by far the most popular, and for good reason.

You can use them with any Bluetooth-enabled device, but they work best with an iOS smartphone because Apple devices have reduced lag, which isn’t important for music or audiobooks.

If the AirPods aren’t quite right for your giftee, check out our list of 10 Alternatives to Apple AirPods to find the perfect match.



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