Instate of just leaving your car in your garage, you can turn it into a money-making machine by putting it into work. You can do this by either renting out your car or using any of the 5 methods mentioned in this article to start making money with your car.

5 Ways to Earn Cash Off a Spare Car



Uber has been in the news recently due to the arrests of two of their drivers at airports in San Francisco and New York. This was not due to bad drivers, but rather to taxi lobbies fighting to keep their business from being taken over by these new startups.


Uber is a service that allows anyone to become a driver (after passing a background check and other requirements) and pick up and drop off passengers in their own car. Uber is a little more professional and sophisticated, and being a driver requires you to possess a rather decent black car or SUV. We’re talking about BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lincoln Town Car, Cadillac, and other luxury brands.



Because Uber’s customer is upmarket, you may make a nice living as an Uber driver. A 34-minute Uber black car journey from the Dallas airport to my house would cost me about $120. A black SUV will set you back $180. You can make a lot of money if you make a few of these trips in a day.




Sidecar and Lyft, the following two firms, are essentially the same as Uber, but without the opulence and high-end preferences. Sidecar allows individuals to locate other registered Sidecar drivers in their area. Someone will come pick you up when you make a request on your phone.


The unique aspect of Sidecar is that consumers pay whatever they believe the trip is worth. There isn’t a set price or rate. Second, the customer gives you a rating, and you may give the customer a rating as well. You may drive any automobile you want, and they will insure you while you are driving a client.




Like Sidecar, Lyft is an on-demand ride-sharing service. Lyft, like Sidecar, does background checks and DMV checks, and customers and drivers evaluate each other. Sidecar also improves safety by conducting in-person interviews with new drivers to ensure that they are a suitable match.


The Lyft website, in my opinion, is weak in terms of content and overall presentation of the services. Lyft, on the other hand, has come up with some novel techniques to make ride-sharing more enjoyable. For example, drivers are obliged to place a pink mustache on the front of the vehicle to symbolize a grin, and passengers are meant to fistbump drivers as if they were friends. People have reported earning up to $35 an hour offering rides in San Francisco.



Getaround is a car-sharing or local car-rental business that works on a peer-to-peer basis. You just publish your vehicle with photos and availability dates, and when someone wants to rent it, you will be notified. You have the option of renting to a specific individual or not, and the automobile is fully insured when hired.


You may rent out any automobile you own, and if your car is newer and more costly, you will earn more money. You may choose the price to market your automobile, however they will suggest a price depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle.



RelayRides is similar to Getaround in that it allows you to directly rent out your automobile to anyone. You may adjust the pricing and availability of your automobile once more. You may also list your vehicle for free, which Getaround also allows you to do. You may save 75% off the quoted price of your automobile on RelayRides. The proportion isn’t mentioned on Getaround’s website.


These services are useful since they check drivers and even require them to login to their Facebook accounts, allowing you to determine who the individual is. It’s an excellent approach to ensure that your vehicle isn’t being driven by a thief or a lunatic.

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