5 Ways To Make Your Breasts Bigger Without Surgery


For the ladies reading this that are not satisfied with the size of their breasts and want to make them bigger without surgery, this is for you. There are very natural ways to increase your breast size, you may not get your desired results immediately, but a little patience and consistency will definitely do the trick. The size of a lady’s breast is either gotten from genes, lifestyle, and most times our body weight. Gaining weight is also a sure way to gain big breasts really fast. Here are some natural ways to increase the size of your breasts as a lady.

There are some exercises that can be done to enhance the size of the under breast muscles. With consistency, it can make your breasts look bigger. It does not necessarily increase the size of your breast, it just makes it seem a little bigger. Some of the exercises that can be done to achieve this include; Dumbbell fly, pushup, and chest dips. These exercises have been proven to be more effective in achieving your goal.

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Breast Enlarging Herb
Some available herbs now can be used to enlarge your breasts. Most of these herbs can be gotten from traditional healers or some natural healing stores. Although this method hasn’t been proven to be effective, women who have used this swear it works like magic.

Massaging The Breast
Some special oils are believed to enhance the size of the breast if used correctly. Other things that can be used to massage the breast are; creams and some machines too. Some people claim that using the correct technique will make it grow slightly.

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Gain A Little Weight
The fatty connective tissues in the breast get lost when we lose weight mostly as women. To gain those fatty tissues back in order for your breasts to be fuller, gaining weight is the way to go. But before going that route, it is important to speak with a weigh therapist. This is because weight is carried differently by women. Most women gain weight on their arms, others on their faces, thighs, and even stomach and probably nothing on the chest area.

Using Birth Control Pills
Birth control pills are known to help prevent pregnancy and cause hormonal change for women. The sex hormone estrogen contained in some birth control pills can slightly increase the size of the breast. Please Note; Birth control pill should not be abused. There are dire consequences involved when the pills are abused just because you want to enlarge your breasts. Consult a specialist or a doctor before using the pill for this purpose.

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