Talking to your baby, playing games with them, and teaching them words are all important aspects of their brain growth. However, your infant’s mental development and learning do not have to halt whether they are in the car seat on the way to the store or in their playpen while you prepare their bottle.

You may give your kid iPad, iPhone, or Android applications to aid with their visual development, hand-eye coordination, and sound and music identification. The finest apps for babies to help their growth and development are listed here.


1. Visual Stimulation


An infant’s vision is limited in the first few months of life. You may aid their visual development by giving children black and white images with simple forms and contrasting hues like red.
These photos are available as full-screen cards in the Visual Stimulation app. 
Toggling between the photographs in black and white with splash of red is as simple as tapping. 
You may also use Slide Show mode to automatically display the photographs and select the slide appearance time.

Visual Stimulation is available for free on iPhone, iPad, and Android without in-app purchases.

2. Infant+

Infant+ is available for free on iPhone and iPad with in-app purchases for additional scenes, dark mode, and ad-removal.

Infant+ is similar software to Visual Stimulation, except it adds music to the contrasted
The dynamic forms in black, white, and red may be programmed to change automatically 
or with swipe.
You may change the background music to relaxing, classical instrumental if you choose. 
Choose musicsuch as Mozart’s Sonata No. 10 or Debussy’s Reverie, or set it to random.

3. Mommy Saver: High Contrast Baby Visual Stimulation

Mommy Saver: High Contrast Baby Visual Stimulation is available for free on Android. You can also check out Mommy Saver Plus which provides more images and songs.

Mommy Saver is visual development software that includes instrumental background 
music for Android users.


The app, like Infant+ for iOS, has black, white, and red illustrations of fundamental forms. 
When you touch the screen, Mommy Saver takes the graphics step further by displaying more brilliant colors.

4. Infant Zoo LITE for Babies

Infant Zoo LITE for Babies is available for free on iPhone and iPad with an in-app purchase to upgrade and receive more animal friends, use the app in portrait or landscape view, and watch endlessly.

Your child may watch animated images of animals in basic colors and hear the noises they make with Infant Zoo.


You may either have your infant watch each animated figure or have them tap and make 
the magic happens by selecting Play. 
The app also plays joyful, optimistic music that you may turn off if you choose.

5. Baby Color Tap

Baby Color Tap is available for free on Android with no ads or in-app purchases.

Check out Baby Color Tap for different form of visual stimulation with the addition of 
physical movement. 
When you tap, the app displays selection of various backdrop colors along with exciting, 
distinctive noises and colorful confetti.
You may use full-screen
mode and kid lock to prevent the app from being mistakenly dismissed.

6. Onni & Ilona: Happy Animals


Onni Ilona: Happy Animals is colorful and adorable app for babies that has animal 
graphics and noises. 
This allows your baby to observe and listen, which helps them focus visually and develops 
their overall development.
You may play an animation in which the animal moves and makes sounds for each image. 
Simple black and white with basic green, yellow, and red hues are used.

Onni & Ilona: Happy Animals is available for free on iPhone and iPad with an in-app purchase to unlock all 12 characters.

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