Do you love Anime? and are you looking for some of the best places to stream them online? then you should check out the 6 places we have listed in this article.

6 Best Places to Stream Anime Online

Crunchyroll (free with ads, or $7.99 per month for premium)

Crunchyroll is without a doubt the uncontested king of specialized anime streaming providers. It not only has a large worldwide presence, but it also has a massive library of performances spanning many years. Simulcast episodes are available only a few hours after they premiere in Japan.

The majority of the series are subtitled, with dubbed versions of select shows being accessible a few weeks after they first aired. Crunchyroll has almost all of the shows that everyone cares about. If you pay for the premium service, you’ll also receive a free membership to their Manga app.

Expect frequent advertising and a delay between when a new episode airs and when you can view it if you’re a free user. For new users, there is a 14-day trial to give you a taste of Premium. It’s difficult to advocate choosing the free path if you can afford it for $7.99 a month.

Crunchyroll offers anime streaming through a browser, as well as on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Roku, Apple TV, Android, iOS, and a few more platforms. Crunchyroll no longer produces smart TV applications, but they do promise that they will build apps when new platforms emerge, so future consoles should be supported as well.

Crunchyroll is the #1 service we suggest to everyone if you are okay with reading subtitles, want access to most new series as they broadcast, and have a compatible device. Especially if you don’t reside in the United States.

Funimation (Multiple Tiers From $5.99/mo)

The second main participant in the anime distribution business is Funimation, which has a larger collection and a greater concentration on dubbed anime. There’s a lot of overlap between Crunchyroll and Crunchyroll when it comes to new, simulcast programming, but there are more classic shows and other features like the option to download episodes to mobile devices.

Funimation provides applications for Apple TV, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Kindle, Roku, Xbox One, PS4, Chromecast, and several Samsung and LG TV types, to name a few. It has a significant advantage over Crunchyroll in terms of Smart TV functionality.

Who Funimation is for: At this time, Funimation is only available in the United States, therefore anybody outside of that region should use Crunchyroll. If you live in the United States and must pick, select Funimation if you want to watch old anime that you may have missed or if you prefer dubbed anime over subtitled animation.

HiDive ($4.99/month)

is a service that allows you to dive deeper into the ocean.
If you reside in the United States, you can utilize VRV to receive Crunchyroll and HiDive bundled together, as well as a slew of other geeky tech and sci-fi video streams thrown in for good measure. There’s also a compelling reason to do so. HiDive holds exclusive rights to select prominent anime studios in the United States, such as Sentai Filmworks.

The service also includes some unique features, such as home video editions of select series and dubbed versions of shows two weeks after the episode airs. Funimation-style animation.

HiDive is compatible with a wide range of devices. ChromeCast, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Fire Tablet, and Roku are among them. It will also operate everywhere the VRV app is available.

Who HiDive is for: If you’re in the United States and want Crunchyroll, we recommend getting the VRV package, which also contains HiDive. The two anime services are complimentary, and the HiDive-hosted exclusive episodes are well worth the money.

Netflix At $9 a month.

Netflix is well-known for its original material, such as The Witcher and Stranger Things, and is the global leader in on-demand streaming services. When it comes to watching anime online using Netflix, the selection isn’t the most extensive or diverse.

Netflix, on the other hand, features a lot of high-quality original and exclusive anime. Knights of Sidonia, Devilman Crybaby, and Violet Evergarden are just a few of the titles worth checking out.

Netflix is for: If you don’t already have a Netflix subscription and are exclusively interested in anime material, it’s well worth it to sign up for a month or two only to view series that are only available on the streaming service. Even so, the asking price is still an incredible bargain.

Amazon Prime Video ($5.99/month)

Amazon prime video is a subscription service provided by Amazon.
Amazon’s Netflix rival doesn’t have a huge anime catalog, but there are a few key titles specific to this service that every anime lover will want to see, just like Netflix.

Vinland Saga and Dororo are two standout titles. Some series have seasons that are divided between Amazon and other sites, requiring you to subscribe to multiple services if you want to view the complete show. The good news is that when it comes to watching anime online, Amazon is one of the most affordable options.

If you aren’t an Amazon Prime Video subscriber and solely care about anime material, it’s worth short enrolling to catch up on their exclusive episodes, much like Netflix. Which can be eaten in less 30 days.

Hulu (prices start at $5.99)

The last streaming service on our list is a mainstream rival to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, but it is currently only available in the United States, with no intentions to expand outside of that region. Hulu offers a large collection of general material, particularly older classic series.

This also applies to their anime collection. Although Hulu does not have any unique anime series, their variety is outstanding. There’s a lot of wonderful, old anime here, and watching everything would take a long time. Just keep in mind that the basic price does not include advertising. To get rid of the ads, you’ll have to spend $11.99 every month.

While we recommend doing a hit-and-run membership to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video because of their tiny but fantastic options, Hulu is worth subscribing to as an anime provider in its own right. Hulu is, in fact, the greatest overall pick if you can only pay one streaming service and want to watch both general and anime entertainment online.

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