Going to the doctor’s office may be difficult at the best of circumstances, but it can be downright hazardous in the midst of a worldwide epidemic.

You may now reach out to medical specialists from afar, obtain the treatment you need, and even have medications delivered, thanks to cellphones and the internet. These are some of the top telehealth applications available today, and they all accept a variety of insurance plans.

1. Teladoc (Android & iOS)

Teladoc provides a variety of services. Most individuals will likely use their basic medical services, which allow non-emergency consultations with a doctor or pediatrician 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Teladoc also provides basic care services, such as doctor visits for exams, mental health treatments, expert views, and overall wellbeing.

According to Teladoc, “many health plans and companies provide Teladoc as part of their insurance coverage.” The costs of its numerous services are determined by your insurance provider’s unique benefits.

2. MDLIVE (Android & iOS)

MDLIVE connects you with board-certified doctors and licensed therapists in real-time. You may be prescribed medicine after talking with a physician. There are three different forms of care, each with a different pricing range. Urgent care, behavioral health, and dermatology are among them.

UTIs, earache, allergies, colds, flu, and other ailments are treated with urgent care. Dermatology covers everything linked to your skin, including the inspection of worrisome moles, whereas behavioral care covers the majority of mental health disorders.


MDLIVE claims to cover most insurance plans, however, consumers may instantly see if they qualify by registering and providing their information.

3. Doctor-on-Demand (Android & iOS)

Doctor on Demand describes itself as providing “complete virtual care,” with services including urgent care, behavioral health, preventative care, and chronic treatment. They work with a variety of health plans, including the majority of the big brands. Doctor on Demand is likely already included as a benefit in your existing insurance, albeit renamed in some situations.

4. LiveHealth Online (Android & iOS)

General medical care, allergy treatment, and mental health are all available through LiveHealth. Both psychological and psychiatric therapies are available via their mental health services. The most expensive visit is $59, but if your insurance covers some or all of it, it might be substantially less. Some workplaces have LiveHealth agreements, so it’s worth checking to see if yours has.

LiveHealth is known for providing online treatment from certified psychologists as well as having a psychiatrist on call who can prescribe antidepressants.

You can know how much a visit will cost you before you commit to it because to the way LiveHealth is set up. If your insurance or company covers a portion of the cost, you’ll only see the amount you’ll be responsible for.

Consultation fees do not vary according to the time of day, so you pay a single charge 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. It’s also worth mentioning that you can chat with a Spanish-speaking doctor, but you’ll need to adjust your device’s settings to Spanish in order to obtain the correct version of the app, and those physicians are only available during specific hours.

5. Healthtap (Android & iOS)

Healthtap bills itself as the most cost-effective virtual primary care provider, and its out-of-pocket costs appear to be acceptable. Thankfully, they accept a variety of insurance plans, so your copay will be considerably lower, if not nil!

Men’s and women’s health concerns, as well as sexual health issues, are given special attention by Healthtap. It is, however, a generic virtual health provider that focuses on children’s health and chronic illnesses in general.

Healthtap AI is one of the company’s most significant features. This is a symptom checker that has been educated using actual physicians’ diagnostic skills. It can help you narrow down your problem or tell you if you have anything more serious that requires professional care.

6. Plushcare  (Android & iOS)

Plushcare has over 300,000 users and is available across the United States. Plushcare recruits doctors from the top 50 medical schools in the country, and they are all board-certified to practice medicine lawfully.

PlushCare’s service has a unique twist: if their online doctor is unable to help you, the session will be free. That’s a high level of assurance, but according to their own estimates, treatments occur in 97 percent of first visits.

Plushcare accepts most major insurance carriers and claims that the average cost for insured consumers is roughly $25. Uninsured users, on the other hand, pay less for virtual visits than they do for in-person appointments.

Another useful tool is the insurance checker, which allows you to quickly determine whether or not you are protected.

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