Most people could be fans of horror movies and cannot get enough of them. If you are one of such persons and you are looking for more horror movies, terrifying tales of monsters, serial killers, or ghosts content to consume, then you should try these 6 Websites with Scary Stories to Read Online.

The 6 Websites with Scary Stories I will be mentioning in this article are actually free, so you don’t have to worry about paying the read the type of content you like and the authors on the site are experienced scary stories writers. So be sure to enjoy yourself.

Below are the 6 Websites with Scary Stories to Read Online

6 Websites with Scary Stories to Read Online

1. Creepypasta

Creepypasta would have to be at the top of any list of sites where you can read creepy short stories. This website is chock-full of stories provided by readers. These include stories concerning hauntings, ghosts, possessions, and other supernatural events. They are sometimes told in the first person, although the site’s owners only accept fictional stories.

You can browse stories by category, length, author, rating, and more using the Creepypasta Stories menu. Use the Top Ranked or Famous Creepypasta menu choices to find the best stories.

Please visit the submissions page if you’d like to submit your own story (select Submissions from the menu). If you follow the editing guidelines, your tale could be featured on the site!


2.  Scary for Kids

Terrifying for Kids is a website with a wide variety of scary stuff aimed at children. The site features terrifying images, videos, games, movies, and stories.

To get to the section of the site where all of those stories are collected, select Scary Stories from the menu. You can search for spooky stories by categories such as Halloween stories, urban legends, ghost stories, and more on that website.


Expect frightening stories, but nothing too gory or disturbing for smaller children, as this is a children’s website (or for easily scared adults).


3. The Darkest Blog

The Darkest Blog is dedicated to horror short fiction. Visitors are encouraged to submit in their scariest true or fictional stories, according to the site’s proprietor. Special categories on the menu include witch stories, ghost stories, “dud” tales (mind-bending), and spooky dream stories.

The site’s design is a little antiquated and basic, but isn’t that why you’re there? You’ve come to be scared!

The stories in this collection are excellent. Because most of these are written by first-time authors without the benefit of an editor, you may notice a few grammar errors here and there. However, none of this detracts from the frightening character of the stories.


4. Oldstyle Tales Press

Oldstyle Tales Press focuses on publishing critical articles on classic horror authors such as Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. If you enjoy classic literature, you will find these analytical articles to be highly intriguing. However, the site also publishes “The Yellow Book,” a collection of modern horror and ghost stories. The journals are available for free in PDF format. These can be found in the Originals section.

The first issue of the journal came out in 2014, and the last one came out in 2017. There are no new journals, but there is four years’ worth of the best horror stories available to read for free!


5. Haunted Places

Hauntu is a website managed by the owners of Malaysia’s Colle Eastern Hotel. They put on a “genuine haunted house experience” with actors, special effects, and other elements. Read a variety of stories about haunted sites all across the world (not just in Malaysia!) in the site’s blog section.


6. Reedsy Prompts

If the modest selection of scary stories accessible on other sites isn’t cutting it for you, Reedsy Prompts has an endless supply of them. This website hosts a weekly writing contest in which writers compete for a top prize of $250 (or more) and the opportunity to be featured on the site.

Are you ready for the world’s largest collection of horror stories? Select the Horror category from the left menu and Stories from the top menu.

There is a very long list (175 pages) of award-winning horror short stories available there. You can be sure that the writing will be of the highest quality, and the stories will be truly terrifying because these are the authors that received the top prize.


Reedsy Prompts, Haunted Places, Oldstyle Tales Press, The Darkest Blog, Scary for Kids, and Creepypasta are the 6 Websites with Scary Stories to Read Online.

However, they are more than just 6 websites that publish content on scary stories and horror, but the 6 we have mentioned tend to be the best of all.

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