It’s been six weeks in the 2020 Big Brother Naija Lockdown house and as expected, a lot has gone down. From friendships, relationships and all sorts of ‘ships to Saturday night parties, Thursday wager challenges, Monday Head of House challenges, Friday Arena Games and the many daily tasks sponsored by the various sponsors of the reality TV show

From the initial twenty contestants who began the game, six people have been evicted leaving fourteen contestants to the race for 85Million Naira worth of prizes. Aside from the grand price, there are many other prizes to be won and the housemates have relentlessly put in their best into each task to ensure they win as many items as possible during their stay in Big Brother’s House.

For some housemates, these tasks come in as compensation. They may not win the 85million Naira so they might as well win the other things they can. Some of the tasks that have earned housemates some money are;

The Flutterwave Challenge
The first win in the house was bagged by Tochi, Tolanibaj, Erica, Kiddwaya, and Brighto (Team KEBT Naturals) courtesy of Flutterwave. They were rewarded with 50 Betway coins each.

The Dulux Challenge
The next Prize win of Two Million Naira for the Lockdown season was bagged by Kiddwaya, Erica, Nengi, Dorathy, Lucy, Brighto, Trickytee, Kaisha, and Tochi (Team Cornish Dawn), courtesy of Dulux Nigeria.

The Patricia Challenge
Up next was the prize of a Bitcoin worth $500 and it went to Nengi, Kiddwaya, Tochi, Erica, Tolanibaj, Ozo, Trickytee, Neo, Laycon, Wathino, Vee, Prince, Dorathy, Lucy, Brighto, Kaisha, Eric, and Praise. Yes! Every Housemate in the BBNaija Lockdown house on that day was a winner.

The Guinness Smooth Hunt
The Guinness Smooth hunt brought another prize of 3 million Naira to the Lockdown house, courtesy of Guinness. The Housemates were divided into two groups:
Team Barley consisted of Lucy, Erica, Kiddwaya, Brighto, Trikytee, Vee, Laycon, and Kaisha.
Team Hops included Praise, Dorathy, Ozo, Neo, Wathoni, Tolanibaj, Prince, and Nengi.
In the end, it was a win for both teams as Team Hops won the photography session and received a sum of One Million Naira, while Team Barley won the game session and received the sum of Two Million Naira.

The Oppo Mobile Challenge
In the Oppo challenge, Erica and Praise earned the victory spot and were each rewarded with $500 and Oppo phones, courtesy of Oppo Nigeria.

The Travel Beta Task
This Travel Beta task brought a win for Tolanibaj, Prince, Nengi, Ozo Vee, Wathoni, Laycon, and Brighto. Each winning team was rewarded with One Million Naira.

The Airtel Musical Presentation
This challenge brought a win for Nengi, Laycon, Vee, and Tolanibaj, as they won the prize of two million Naira, which will provide materials worth the amount to any charity cause of their choice courtesy of Airtel Nigeria.

The Ekulo Challenge
Another task we couldn’t get enough of was the Ekulo task courtesy of Hawaii Nigeria, and the wins went to Laycon, Nengi, Praise, Prince, and Wathoni. They were rewarded with Two Million Naira courtesy of Hawaii Nigeria.

The Power of Being Cool Challenge
For this task, the wins went to Vee, Erica, Ozo, Laycon, Brighto, Dorathy, Nengi and Praise, courtesy of Tom Tom Nigeria After much show of talent and will to win, Team Tom Tom classic and Team Cool With Zing emerged the winners and each group was rewarded with the price of 1 Million Naira.

Share Your Style Cooking Challenge
This next task had the Housemates not only doing one of their favorite things in the BBNaija House – cooking Indomie, but also smiling to the bank with 4 million Naira, courtesy of Indomie Nigeria.

Pepsi Musical Performance Challenge
This task left Ozo and Trickytee with One Million Naira each, Nengi and Prince also with a VVIP all-expense-paid trip to the One Africa Music Fest in Dubai and a sum of 250,000 Naira each courtesy of Pepsi Nigeria.

The Kuda Break Free Games
Neo, Tolanibaj, Trickytee, Dorathy, and Prince took the price for this one and were rewarded with 1 million Naira. The best part was, the other housemates were also given the total sum of One Million Naira to share equally amongst themselves, courtesy of Kuda Nigeria.

The Revolution Properties Challenge
This win went to Dorathy, Ozo, Neo, Wathoni, Laycon, Vee, Nengi, and Tolanibaj, Courtesy of Revolution Plus Properties. They are taking home the prize of One Million Naira each, courtesy of Revolution Plus Properties Nigeria.

As it stands, this is how much the BBNaija Lockdown Housemates have won in Big Brother’s House:

Erica: N1,618,000 + $500 + 1 Oppo Phone + a box of Hawaii products
Vee: N1,668,000 + a box of Hawaii products
Ozo: N2,246,000 + a box of Hawaii products + A trip to Abuja + One year Pepsi supply + A trip to Dubai
Neo: N835,000 + a box of Hawaii products
Nengi: N2,353,000 + a box of Hawaii products + A trip to Abuja + A trip to Dubai
Kiddwaya: N818,000 + a box of Hawaii products
Wathoni: N1,446,000 + a box of Hawaii products
Trickytee: N1,972,000 + a box of Hawaii products + One year Pepsi supply + A trip to Dubai
Praise: N1,250,000 + an Oppo Phone + a box of Hawaii products
Prince: N1,500,000 + a box of Hawaii products + A trip to Abuja + A trip to Dubai
Laycon: N2,031,000 + a box of Hawaii products
Tolanibaj: N1,320,000 + a box of Hawaii products + A trip to Abuja
Brighto: N1,346,000 + a box of Hawaii products
Dorathy: N1,322,000 + a box of Hawaii products
Tochi: N222,000
Lucy: N868,000 + a box of Hawaii products
Kaisha: N472,000

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