7 Perks of Mobile App Deep Linking

Deep linking is a flexible technique of improving primary metrics like engagements and retention rates. By allowing users to shift from the website to a mobile application, deep linking helps to optimize a user’s journey hence making the entire process user-friendly.

What is a deep link?

According to AppsFlyer, “A deep link is a special URL that routes to a specific spot, whether that’s on a website or in an app. A mobile app deep link is a link that contains all the information needed to take a user directly into an app or a particular location within an app instead of just launching the app’s home page.”

Below are seven perks of mobile app deep linking:

  1. It optimizes user experience

This is one of the main advantages of mobile app deep linking. Many developers prefer using deep links because they can easily direct users to targeted products or information. This helps in reducing the time used to navigate the app in search of the products of certain information.

Most users are impatient and can get disinterested in your services if it takes longer to get whatever they want from the app or website. But with deep linking, you are likely to get high conversion rates because users can quickly find products or information they require.

2. Deep links create unbreakable user funneling

You should never overlook the importance of reducing friction. In fact, minimizing friction is one of the greatest advantages of deep linking. When a user clicks on a deep link, he or she is directly sent to a particular in-app location.

Other than improving user experience, you can also optimize campaigns within one page, catalog, or stage without worrying about how users navigate.

3. It is convenient for content promotion

A deep link allows you to develop links on websites, social media platforms, and emails that direct users to particular content in the app. This makes it an effective promotional tool in which one can introduce customers to special deals or products in the mobile app.

4. Setting a connection between two apps

The other important advantage of deep linking is its ability to create links between two applications. For example, if you have an app that has great offers, you can refer interested customers to the seller’s app.

5. It gives users an opportunity to re-engage

There are high chances that a user has downloaded your app but has not used it for long. But with a deep link, you can easily convince them to start using the app once more. This can include creating attractive offers or discounts.

6.Deep links are good in conversion

Deep links are not only good for improving the user experience. They are known for their higher conversion rates compared to any other link.

7. They improve your attribution

Other than using deep links to drive user interaction, you can also see the exact source of all the conversions. This means that you can reduce the cost of customer acquisition by ensuring uses are only directed to the right information.

In general, mobile app deep links have numerous benefits. They can improve user experience, connect more than one app, boost conversion rates among others.

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