Anytime watching video online comes into your mind, the first place to always think of is YouTube, This is because YouTube is packed with millions of video content from different creators all over the world.

You can watch entertaining videos, educational videos, sports highlights, movies, and a lot more on YouTube, but the problem with streaming videos on Youtube is that you will have to be watching ads that you may not be interested in and the algorithm isn’t perfect so you could be getting suggested videos that you also are not interested in.

However, you can turn to the 7 Video Sites That Are Better Than YouTube listed below

7 Video Sites That Are Better Than YouTube

1. TikTok

TikTok may be a better video site than YouTube for you if you’re searching for a fast diversion and don’t want to get dragged into “the YouTube hole” for hours. On TikTok, you’ll discover comedy films, lip-sync videos, talent shows, and some very bizarre dance clips. The nicest thing about these videos is that they’re all brief — no more than 60 seconds.

TikTok’s popularity is still at an all-time high, so you’ll never be bored while using it. It’s also quite diversified. As the 7th most downloaded mobile app of the decade, you’ll undoubtedly come across a wide range of worldwide trends and may even learn something new while browsing through the video.


How it’s superior: For mobile video viewing, it’s better than YouTube.

If you prefer to view videos on your phone rather than on your computer, IGTV (or Instagram TV) is a better option since it’s built within Instagram, which you’re presumably already using.

Mobile video is the way of the future, and all videos on IGTV are vertical and full screen. You can find them in the Instagram app, on the accounts you follow, and in your Instagram feed, where the recommended IGTV videos automatically play. The videos are largely produced by Instagram content producers and range in duration from 15 minutes for unverified accounts to 60 minutes for verified accounts.


3. Facebook Watch 

When it comes to YouTube alternatives, Facebook Watch is sometimes neglected, but this streaming service is well worth your time. Facebook Watch is a free video platform with a lot of interesting material.

You’ll receive a selection of videos based on your interests and Facebook profile, similar to YouTube. While it’s more harder to go through the material since there’s no way to subscribe to channels, Facebook Watch does have one advantage over YouTube: Facebook Originals. They’re Facebook-produced and-funded programs and series.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of Facebook Originals. Some of these programs star well-known actors and have full-length television show budgets. The genres are extremely diverse: on Facebook Watch, you can discover anything from comedy to reality programs to documentaries.

4. Vimeo

Even if you’ve never used YouTube, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Vimeo. In fact, the majority of YouTube video producers got their start on Vimeo. This site was one of the first to handle high-definition video and continues to cater to pros over amateurs.

Furthermore, Vimeo offers a 360-degree video format. So, whether you want to view 360-degree films or post your own, you can do both with the Vimeo video player.

5. Twitch

Twitch is a video-sharing platform that specializes in live-streaming gaming and cybersport contests. Twitch is used by creators to stream their work, thus you may discover DJ performances, live artist broadcasts, cookery sessions, and more on the site.

One feature that distinguishes Twitch from other streaming platforms is the ability to ask questions and communicate with content producers in real time as a chat participant.

6. Dailymotion

On our list, Dailymotion is arguably the most similar to YouTube’s competitor structure and content. It was founded about the same time as YouTube, has a similar layout, and recommends videos based on what you’ve previously seen on the site.

However, if you’re a new content producer, you may find Dailymotion to be a better fit. The site’s copyright policy is more lenient, and you may monetise your films with adverts or a paywall.

7. Crackle

It’s better since it’s a mix of YouTube and Netflix.

Crackle is an internet streaming service that lets you view movies and TV shows from a variety of networks that aren’t available on Netflix. Crackle also offers its own original programs, which are of professional quality and include well-known actors and Hollywood celebrities.

While you can’t use Crackle to create content, you can still enjoy the site’s good collection of movies and TV episodes.

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