Students’ life is a real challenge since you have to deal with so many difficulties at the same time. You need to be a good kid for your parents, a good student for professors, a good friend for your peers, and a good employee for your future employer. The good news is that there are various accessible and convenient online resources that can help you with your goals. Obviously, different students will prefer different educational services according to their expectations, but from market research transcription services to time-management applications, we know some great tools that will surely impress you.

1.  Transcriberry

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you are too bored and exhausted to write down everything that your professor says? Of course, you have! We know that most students struggle with it, and it means that you definitely should try a good transcription service like Transcriberry.

This website provides you with an opportunity to upload your audio file and get a text version of it. So, just use your phone to record the lecture or seminar, and focus on what your teacher is saying completely. Once you receive a transcription, you can leverage it for quick reference. Transcriberry provides students with a manual or automated transcription service at affordable prices. You can expect a high level of accuracy, professional expert help, and a fast turnaround.

2.  Grammarly

Let’s be honest: most students don’t like essays, research papers, case studies, and other writing assignments because they don’t know how to come up with flawless papers. If you want to ensure that your content is free of mistakes, try the Grammarly service that can proofread your document automatically. It helps with grammar and spelling errors but it also checks the clarity, engagement, and delivery of your text. The tool provides you with suggestions, e.g. to change the working, remove the phrase, revise the punctuation, and so on. You can set it up according to your expectations, and get the best result. Grammarly can also help you to edit an automatic transcription if you need to delete some typos.

3.  Coursera

If you want to gain new skills and boost your career, you should definitely try Coursera — the best online educational service with hundreds of courses. Whether you want to explore data science, languages, personal development, arts, and humanities, or other disciplines, you can find opportunities from the best educational institutions and international corporations here. What we really love about Coursera is that you can receive a certificate which proves your knowledge and helps you to attract employers. Feel free to try courses in different languages since they come with English subtitles, so there are absolutely no obstacles to starting a new profession right now.

4.  Preply

What is the best way to learn a new language? Of course, it depends on your goals but the most helpful tip is to hire a professional tutor who will guide you through all the challenges.

Preply is a convenient platform for students where you can find good English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese tutors. There are almost 50,000 tutors in various languages who provide lessons anytime. You can choose the price per hour, the country of origin for your tutor, and the time of day when you’re available to filter all the offers out. There are self-introduction videos to help you make the choice.

If you like your teacher, there is also an option to buy a package of lessons, or you can meet new people each time. Practice your language skills on a regular basis, and you’ll catch difficult words, get rid of the accent, expand your vocabulary and just have a great time!

5.  StudentRate

Being a student, you obviously want to find the cheapest offers and save your money. Affordable audio transcription services, tutoring services, and other tools are perfect but what if you want to take advantage of cheap restaurants, applications, travels, or clothes? StudentRate is a platform with amazing apparel, beauty, computer&electronics, health&wellness, and other offers. For example, you can get cash back on purchases from cosmetics brands, find affordable student loans, and so on. So, don’t miss a chance to grab some codes.

6.  Audible

Sometimes human transcription services are not enough to get prepared and impress your professor. For example, when you need to read a book for your literature class. If you’re too tired or don’t have enough time to focus on the text version of a piece, listen to an audiobook and spend your time productively! Audible provides hundreds of books to listen to when taking long walks or waiting in lines. From Science Fiction and Mysteries&Thrillers to Biographies&Memoirs and Business, there are more than 300,000 titles at affordable prices.

7.  Mint

When it comes to students’ budgets, it is not enough to find cheap offers and order affordable transcripts of any volume. You need to take control of your budget, know your expenses and plan them in advance. Mint is a perfect budget tracker that can help you to:

reach your financial goals;
keep all your money in one application;
get smart insights to save more;
improve spending habits;
track bills.

If you read some customers’ reviews, you can find out that Mint has helped people get their spending on track. Even if you’re a student with a low income, it is a good idea to install this application and track your finances.

8.  Sworkit

We know that it is very easy to forget about the importance of fitness. Especially when you’re pulling an all-nighter trying to meet all the deadlines. Well, with Sworkit, you’ll always remember about investments in exercising and your health. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, improve flexibility, or even tone, you can try this tool that is a cut above other fitness applications you can find online.

Sworkit provides you with hundreds of personalized exercises and workouts according to your goals. You can choose a convenient time and reach out to certified trainers who are always there to help you. There are options for absolute beginners and for advanced sportsmen, and you don’t need pretty much equipment to start!

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