A Comprehensive Guide On How To Move From Nigeria To Brazil


Brazil’s importance on the worldwide stage is increasing, then is that the number of ex-pats within the country. So if you would want to move to Brazil, here is a comprehensive guide for you! We do hope this helps you! This is 2020, and nearly anything is possible for you!

Expat Job Market

The large majority of ex-pats working in Brazil are transferees from foreign companies and multinationals that operate local branches in Sao Paulo or other Brazilian cities. The work marketplace for self-made ex-pats in Brazil is extremely competitive, and it’s difficult to return by a well-paid position without the backing of an influential HR department or extensive networking ties. Experience shows that it’s unwise to move to Brazil unless you’ve got managed to secure employment.

Visa Requirements

The Brazilian Foreigners’ Statute distinguishes between a spread of short-term visas for various categories and permanent visas for those meaning to move to Brazil indefinitely. Short-term visas include tourist and business visas. While tourists from certain countries, like many other South American states and European Union states, may enter the country for a maximum of 90 days without a visa; all other short-term visitors must apply for a visa beforehand.

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Temporary Visa

Apply for a category V temporary visa (VITERM) or a permanent visa (VIPER) if you wish to make your visit temporary. Temporary visas in category V are intended for those that have already signed a short-lived employment agreement with a Brazilian employer. As work contracts need to be examined and approved by the Ministry of Labor before the visa application is processed, the success rate remains relatively low. The apparent exceptions are intra-company transfers, where the acceptable visas are rarely denied. The visa is valid for up to 2 years, and it is often extended to just one occasion.

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Permanent Visa

Many ex-pats getting to move to Brazil to apply for a permanent visa instead. This enables them to vary jobs without losing their residence permit and to avoid applying for a visa renewal. Permanent visas for Brazil are often granted to ex-pats with specific qualifications and a working accept Brazil, to those seeking to start a business in Brazil, provided they carry a particular minimum amount of monetary capital and retirees with a monthly pension of a minimum of USD 2,250.

Have you gotten enough information to move to Brazil from Nigeria? We wish you success!


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