Abitnetwork.com –complete overview And Everything You Need To Know About Abitnetwork-AbitNetwork is a crypto platform keenly concerned with the task of educating Africans about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The platform is tapping into the potential of blockchain technology for the creation of various marketplaces. This is in order to eventually give birth to traders and investors who are not only equipped with 21st century needs but also the tools required for dominating the sphere of blockchain innovation.

Reading this article further, you’re certain to learn more about AbitNetwork and specifically, you’ll find out the major products offered by the crypto platform.

Who Is the Founder of AbitNetwork?

AbitNetwork is a Nigerian-owned platform founded by Gaius Chibueze, aka BitcoinChief. On the website of AbitNetwork, one can find the picture of Chibueze. To learn more about how AbitNetwork works, you may watch an informative video (available on the AbitNetwork website) wherein the BitcoinChief expatiates how the platform operates.

Is AbitNetwork a Legit Platform?

Currently, no one has published a review, comment or complaint indicating that AbitNetwork is a fraudulent scheme. Neither crypto reviewers nor crypto traders have labeled AbitNetwork a scam and this gives enough conviction that it is a crypto trading platform you can trust.


How Is TATCOIN Associated with AbitNetwork?

Tatcoin (majorly TATCOIN) has been described as the most valuable utility token in Africa and currently in the cryptocurrency market, it’s considered a powerful tradable token.

While Tatcoin is a valuable utility token, AbitNetwork happens to be a platform that supports crypto transactions. Briefly, the association between Tatcoin and AbitNetwork simply implies that Tatcoin will serve as the currency for performing transactions on AbitNetwork.

Notably, the development of Tatcoin is intended to bring about convenience in the payment for goods and services. While people registered with AbitNetwork will be at liberty of using Tatcoin, it’s quite interesting that such people are certain to enjoy discounts on goods and/or services. Thankfully, AbitNetwork lets you get tons of TATCOIN, a cryptocurrency presently estimated at #44.90 per TAT.


What Are the Products on AbitNetwork?

AbitNetwork offers a variety of service-based products intended to help people ward off the inconvenience or barriers they may encounter in the areas of investment, trading, travel, agro business, etc.

There are several beneficial products offered by AbitNetwork but here are the major service-based products the platform offers:

ABitFarm –this is a software tool concerned with AbitNetwork’s agro business whose investment yields robust returns. While it opens up the advantage of investing in AbitNetwork’s generational products, ABitFarm is an app which is downloadable on iOS and Android devices.

ABiTrader –this AbitNetwork-provided service avails you the chance of learning cryptocurrency from the comfort of your smartphone. Prettily, ABiTrader not only allows you to learn how crypto trading is done, it’s also a cool avenue for executing crypto trading lucratively.

ABit Go –the presence of this service-based product (ABit Go) is a clear indication that AbitNetwork is a multifaceted platform. Specifically, ABit Go serves as an excellent travel companion intended to help you realize hassle-free and interesting trips without being charged outrageously.

ABiTCrowd –this is likely the AbitNetwork service targeted at people looking out for easy real estate investment. Besides charging affordable investment fees, ABiTCrowd will be cherished by real estate investors probably for being a simplified online investment programme.

Top 13 Cool Things to Know about TATCOIN


  1. “TAT”, which is the first three letters of “TATCOIN” is a symbolic representation fully written as “THE ABIT TOKEN”
  2. TATCOIN, a cryptocurrency launched in July 2020, was created in 2019. TATCOIN has stood its ground as a high-performing cryptocurrency and to clarify this, TATCOIN is considered a great store of value having risen from its seed-sale price 3 cents to the current price of 7 cents
  3. TATCOIN is a tradable coin from the stable of AbitNetwork which is a tech outfit concerned with finding solutions to people’s blockchain-related problems. Broadly, AbitNetwork empowers people with the necessary knowledge for understanding how the blockchain technology works and how they can make excellent use of this technology
  4. TATCOIN is currently “Africa’s most valuable utility token” and as a cryptocurrency, it can function like other popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin
  5. TATCOIN is a tradable coin with pertinent use cases in several areas including agriculture, digital learning, travel/tourism, real estate, etc.
  6. Currently, TATCOIN can be traded on a number of websites including bitfxt.com, www.naijacrypto.com, www.bidesk.com, www.abitnetwork.com, www.Uniswap.info and www.index.market
  7. TATA is the term for a TATCOIN holder while TATAS is the term for the overall population of TATCOIN holders
  8. Market forces (precisely the levels of demand and supply) largely determine the price of TATCOIN
  9. TATCOIN doesn’t adopt a pyramidal operational structure
  10. Just like Bitcoin and Ethereum, TATCOIN is a great cryptocurrency one can invest in. Now that TATCOIN is valued at 7 cents (which is undeniably a cheap rate), it’s advisable for investors to buy as many Tatcoins as they can afford and anticipate that the value will rise in future
  11. The supply of TATCOIN is limited and it’s capped at 200 million. Whereas the demand for TATCOIN is increasing, the supply of the cryptocurrency is limited, hence giving the impression that TATCOIN is suitable for long-term investment
  12. TATCOIN’s powerful use cases give the conviction that the future of the cryptocurrency is auspicious
  13. TATCOIN had a pre-sale price of 1 cent and a seed-sale price of 3 cents. Interestingly, TATCOIN is yet to experience any significant value decline that would drastically drag its value back to the meagre pre-sale or seed-sale price. If compared with the other cryptocurrencies, TATCOIN claims an edge here simply because the other cryptocurrencies are known to have degraded to their seed-sale prices on several occasions


While we have clearly discussed AbitNetwork and its products, it’s important to clarify that we’re not in any way writing to favour AbitNetwork or drive prospective investors to the platform. We have only given an honest review of AbitNetwork.  If you’d like to trade in Tatcoin (TAT), you may consider joining AbitNetwork and see the chances you have at earning Tatcoin that yields you gains as it appreciates.

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