Access And Unlock Any Account Or Device Using Everykey Wristband


Everykey Wristband

It is not easy to remember various accounts password and passcode without forgetting them, and if written down or stored maybe on a PC, there’s a probability that you might still lose it. Last month, Google launched a portable USB security key that will enable users to login into their account without entering password, but the USb key does not work outside Google domain.

A new wristband is here to change that – the Everykey is a crowd-funding project on Kickstarter that’ll change the way we access and protect our devices. The wristband makes use of Bluetooth technology to access any protected devices or information and can automatically store passwords and grant access to protected data.

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For those who care alot about security, you need not to worry about your passwords being compromised because it uses military-grade encryption. To use Everykey, all you need to do is move near the protective device and it’ll automatically unlock it, move out of the protected device region and Everykey will auto lock it back.

The wristband can be use to access website account without having to manually entering a password. It can also be use to lock and unlock house door and car door.

The funding is still in progress, you can join the queue on Kickstarter to quicken its launching.

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