Adblabla: How Setup Sponsored Post On Your Blog Or website

Adblabla the Nigeria best online traffic exchange network but within a few months there was a great development in the introduction of some new features and benefits so what are you waiting for my previous post on adblabla was on how to make money using adblabla so the good news is that this feature is live and active, so today am going to teach you how to get your own adblabla sponsored post on your blog without any stress.


Just follow the steps below carefully.

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Step 1
Make sure you have an adblabla account or if you don’t have you can create one for your self using this tutorial here

Step 2
Check out this tutorial and click the module link below.
This will enable you to receive any email consigning any sponsored post

Step 3
Now login to your adblabla dashboard and then click on the drop down menu at the right or left side.

Step 4
Then click in the sponsored post tab once.

Step 5
Then you will have to check if your blog or website is being approved for this new feature if yes you will find your blog URL below.


Step 6
Now click on that your blog or website URL below >> click view post button

Step 7
Then copy the article and don’t copy the image screenshot it then edit it paste it on your blog and publish it.

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Step 8
Now copy the URL to the post and insert it inside the box below the post on your adblabla dashboard then click complete button below.

Note: your post must have the video embed code in it too and finally mke sure your site is being approved before posting it on your blog or website

And that’s all check out my next post on the payment method process.

Don’t forget to drop your comment below thanks.

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    • In every post you get there is an attachment of your payment base on your blog rank and traffic so I can't really tell but mine was … But not more 500 sha

      you can get more than three post in a week so the business is just starting so the don't have much companies yet so that's why


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