Add Google Official Contact Form Widget to Blogger

Having a Google contact form or your own desired custom contact form  is very important because I allow you blog visitors contact you easily without searching for your email address.

A contact form is basically a set of questions filled out on the webpage by your visitor that is automatically sent to your email when it is filled out.

This feature or gadget send e-mails to blog owner without sign in to any accounts wow isn’t that awesome.

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Below is full tutorial on how to add google official contact form widget to blogger without much stress.

Step 1
First you need to sign in to blogger dashboard and then select your preferred blog from the list

Step 2
Now move your arrow down and Choose “Layout” >> Click on “Add a Gadget”

Step 3
Then choose “More Gadgets” in left side


Step 4
Choose “Contact Form” give it a title

Step 5
Finally cllick in the “save button” below and that’s all you need to do .

If you have any complain feel free to contact me thank you.

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