AMPL Smartbag

Smartbags are not something new, there are lots of smartbags already available in the market i.e Phorce Pro, but the new smartbag by AMPL labs featured something unusual as it mainly aim to power every gadgets you use on the go.

With AMPL smartbag, you don’t need to worry about your device having low battery. Each pocket is equipped with 7 USB charging ports where you can charge your smartphone, tablet, and even a laptop. The built-in battery is quite capable of charging multiple devices at once and the bag has an optional expansion battery and AC module.

Power circulating through the bag is enough to give a shock, but you need not to worry about that either as the main power compartment and power distribution route are securely wrapped in a special scratch resistant shock-prove nylon. Knowing well that it may be stressful unloading and checking each device battery rate when charging, the firm provide an OLED display where users can easily check each device battery status and monitor them.

An accompanied app also let users check battery readings in real-time, and it can also be use to adjust charging priority for each device. The app supports both Android and iOS and uses Bluetooth to establish connection. It also notify users if they mistakenly forget or left their bag behind.

What’s more? AMPL smartbag comes with a water resistant outer layer, so rain or splashes of water doesn’t stand a chance of damaging your device when you are on the move. The gadget is expected to debut this year, you can read more info on their site.

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