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We want to inform our dear readers that we will be making few changes to our site next week. We received few suggestions that we’ll be working on in the following days. Users will in no way be affected in accessing and browsing our pages when the changes are being carried out.

We’ll be updating our web address (url). As it is not hard to guess that we are using blogger platform and default blogger sub-domain url ( We received a mail with complaint that our site url is too long and it is not easy to remember, which ofcourse negatively impacted our user experience.

We can only say CCN World Tech started as fun in the begining in the year 2010 and we laid no plans nor have it in mind to make it commercially available until the tide turned in 2013 when we began to gain popularity, which in turn convince us to make more efforts. Our current web URL has travelled far and wide and that’s why we ffound it difficult to change it in the first place.

Search engines (such as direct most of you to us and we can say most of our traffics comes from them, it will take them awhile to register our new domain and link up with us, but we are willing to take the risk to satisfy you. We just think it is necessary we inform you our precious readers the changes we are about to make so you won’t find it strange the next time you pay us a visit. Announcement shall be made when our new domain goes live, it’ll be something interesting and easy to remember. Don’t like suprise? Well, you’ll just have to wait :D.

We love you all.


The changes has been successfully made, thanks for bearing with us. You can learn more about the changes by reading this post.

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