Autoxify Review – Crashed Scam or Legit Scheme



This Autoxify review is coming after it lunched on August 29th and site has page error in less than 24 hours, some reports proved it has crashed already. Autoxify is a Tron Based Smart Contract Matrix earnings program offering something completely different from other programs.

To get more Sign-up, Autoxify offered a cheap registration fee, along with Automatic referrals, Automatic upgrades and a Global matrix. Let dive deep into the Autoxify smart contract review now.

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About Autoxify Smart Contract

Autoxify smart contract is a smart contract base on Tron cryptocurrency and decentralized on blockchain just to fully work automatically. Additionally, autoxify tron is also automated which is different from other tron smart contract like 300tron, Hexxa, Supersage, and other more tron smart contracts that you might think of or you might experience out there.

Autoxify Review – How It Works

Autoxify tron smart contract will also be programmed to allow and operate with a Global Matrix Referral logic. Since the tron smart contract has features of auto referral then it’s also capable of sending every member auto referral bonus which is awesome no smart contract as done such before.

No limitation in the opening of a slot in this tron smart contract or autoxify tron that is the system will keep working automatically to re-open slot that you might have open before for you once you’ve finished both slots on x3 and x4 matrix which will make you earn more tron from the platform.

Lastly, the smart contract is also capable of auto upgrading of slots for every member on level x3 which it will carry out the upgrade from one slot to another slot once it has been fulfilled.

Autoxify X3 and X4 Levels

There is just only two-level on autoxify tron smart contract which implies : Level X3 And Level X4.

Autoxify Tron X3 level contains a global matrix of 20 slots which we also call sub-level under Autoxify X3 Tron level.

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There are three major ways to earn from any smart contracts which are view:

  • Referral
  • Spillover
  • Overflows

That we have been mentioning for quite a long time but autoxify tron seems to be different from others.

One of the major earning processes on autoxify is auto referral which implies once you register on autoxify your tron will be split into level x3 and x4.

That X3 calculates how your referral is moving that will be provided automatically by autoxify smart contractw within 3 days you get three 3 entry and.

Level X4 handles the process of spillover and overflow that came from global spilling and overflow from either them

Is Legit

Tron blockchain is 80 times faster than Ethereum and 667 times faster than bitcoin blockchain. It is over 20times cheaper in transaction fees than both bitcoin and Ethereum.

We believe Tron is legit but we can’t vouch for Autoxify – stay safe earning. This is because the script has a code and text found in another crasher smart contract. 

This means the owner has another smart contract that has crashed. 

Is Autoxify Scam

Autoxify smart contract or Autoxify Review auto upgrade feature allows you to upgrade from slot to slot without lifting a finger! This is only on the x3, the x4 is manual as you need to monitor your matrix or lose profits if any of your downlines over take you.

Autoxify is the most unique smart contract as it offers factors NOT in any other smart contract. Autoxify is the only contract with 100% unique code and algorithm.

Currently, I have information it is scam but you can also help by using the comment section. The site is certainly going to go down like 200Tron, 250Tron and so on.


This article is an overview and a guide about Autoxify Smart Contract and how it works. Viewers and interested investors do that at their own risk and should conduct due diligence before investing in any online platform. 

Team Ccnworldtech is no third party and we can’t handle any complaints whatsoever.


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