You are welcome to Ccnworldtech network Autoxify smart contract review. In this review, I am going to show you dangerous facts about autoxify smart contracts you should know whether autoxify smart contract is a scam or legit.

With the high rate of new smart contracts emerging everyday fraudsters are now using the opportunity as a means to steal people’s funds, with the viral news of the one that recently launched and collapsed called 200Tron that came in mimicking of the over 1years smart contract Bank of Tron smart contract.

Now comes another called Autoxify, a smart contract just as the likes of the top 4 best smart contact such as:

But then, Autoxify is claiming to have automated features that are somewhat alarming.

So what are these features of Autoxify smart contract that is fishy?

Scam Features of Autoxify Smart Contract

No Direct Referrals

You do not need to get any referrals: ( How true can this be, making money from a smart contract without referrals. I doubt it because if people register and relax without marketing to get new members the system will collapse immediately. So this feature is very alarming and needs to be put into consideration.

Auto Upgrade on the X3

The X3 offers an automatic upgrade from slot to slot, Biggest auto ever. ( This one shows that the admins are biting more than they can chew, how is auto upgrade possible ask your self this, How will they move the payment from your wallet? Are you actually seeing where am going? Be careful with autoxify).

Global Matrix Logic

The worldwide system solves the issues for referrals there is an auto referral. ( I agree with them for having a worldwide spillover which they now call it Auto Referral. But ask your self, they first said you don’t need a direct referral right! so where will they get the referrals for you?

Infinite Re-invest on all Levels

Get auto re-entry into the 100 slots forever biggest reinvest ever. (This also is somewhat fishy, the automated re-entry is where my doubts are. Because in every smart contract transaction there’s what is called a gas fee, so how then will they automate your level, and your upline earns without you actually choosing to upgrade yourself. Is it that their system can have access to your wallet, o wrong na.

Referrals Activator Protocols

Referral activator holds and activates your additional 3 entry in X3. ( From my analysis I assume their referral activator will hold your fees for the next level automated upgrade, but How? In smart contracts, your profit is meant to go straight into your wallet immediately after transaction execution is done. So if they do have a way of retaining your profit for your auto upgrade without your approval, then it is doubtful.

How Does Autoxify Smart Contract Works

Autoxify smart contract is a progressive one that offers a unique logic that makes making profit easy, watch the short minute explainer to know how it works in details.

Is Autoxify Smart Contract Legit

Autoxify smart contract is a unique program and I can’t conclude whether it is a scam or not, but then there is a high risk of it members who are not able to refer go bankrupt because never before seen a smart contract without referrals need.

So, for those who are aiming to join and earn massive without referring, woe to you when you are unable to make out your capital.

How to Register on Autoxify Smart Contract

Autoxify Smart Contract Review: Scam Features To Check On » Mitrobe Network

To register on autoxify smart contract you will need 400Trx and some more to cover for transaction or miners fee.

If you don’t know how valuable Tron (TRX) is then read my expert guide on investing in Tron.

Upon registration into Autoxify with 400 Tron, this is how your registration money is split.

  • 80Trx is used to activate your X3 slot
  • 80Trx is used to activate your X4 slot
  • 240Trx is going to the referral activator

Now, let take a look at each of them one after the other, on how they operate individually.

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How does Autoxify Smart Contract X3 Works

Autoxify X3 is the main deal on the Dapp. If you choose to join Autoxify you will be getting four x3 entry positions, the referral activator hold the rest three and activates them after three days.

This logic will in action “push up all members” further up into higher slots where the commission is much bigger. Because of this new coded logic, Autoxify claims that all its members will earn without referrals. But then I am certain it won’t last for long.

  • 100% of the first downline payment goes directly to your wallet. There is unlimited re-entry so the first cycle used as part of auto-upgrade costs.
  • 100% of second downline payments go directly to your wallet. Only the first cycle payment used as auto-upgrade cost. Rest cycles go to you.
  • Third downline payment will go to your inviter and re-open the same matrix level for more earnings. Works this way on all 20 slots.
  • Reinvestment opens the same slot for you again, and you continue to receive income from it. Also, upgrades cost are taken just one time so the rest re-entry you do not pay upgrade on the same slot to infinity!
  • Automatic Upgrade on the x3 matrix so you do not lose profit or miss out on earnings to upcoming downlines. All of your four x3 entries get auto-upgraded to next higher slots without any intervention from you, it runs on its own.

The Autoxify X3 matrix is a powerful logic completely unique operating with both auto referral activator and Auto upgrades.

Due to this you need not worry about missing your earnings, as your slots are paid for you on the fly, using your first cycle only.

But then, be wary when the registration rate into autoxify declines of which is certain.

How Does Autoxify Smart Contract X4 Works

Autoxify X4 offers a matrix system for team build where all who belongs to team grows together with collective efforts.

No one can work alone here as the autoxify x4 team matrix follows the superior partner, so overflows and team spillover is achieved from and below.

  • First and second sales go to your superior upline.
  • Third, Fourth and Fifth sales instantly paid to your wallet.
  • Sixth sale to your superior upline and reopens matrix for you. The reopen are auto infinite reinvest done for you so keep on earnings unlimited times with Autoxify x4 program.

You must have paid for each slot before you can earn from it. If you do not upgrade when due and your downlines partner get to the same slot with you you miss out on earning for not upgrading, as the payment will then go to your upline partner making him/her earn double.


Well, I discovered that you still need to upgrade manually on X4 so you don’t miss a payment, but I taught them they said you are going to be upgraded automatically and never to miss a payment. So this is not so unique after all.

So that means the automated upgrade is only for Autoxify X3 and not autoxify X4, so if you fail to upgrade or delay you are going to miss your payment to your upline of which you might have no contact with due to the x3 auto referrals which will be massive upon launch.

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How Does Autoxify Smart Contract RE-Invest Works

Re-entry or Reinvest sale goes to your superior upline and reopens the same matrix slot for you.

This way you will keep on earning unlimited with Autoxify smart contract.

Reinvest takes place automatically, as soon as you occupy the last free place, the current slot closes and goes to the archive.

Similarly, your referral partners will have re-investments, and you will instantly receive income every time.

It’s a chain reaction that keep on working as long as there is internet.

Also, re-invest makes possible the earning login for lower downlines as you go below then inline.

How Does Autoxify Smart Contract Upgrade Works

  • Autoxify X3 – Here the upgrades are automatic so you do nothing. The smart contract will carry all your slot to slot upgrades on its own without your intervention.
  • Auto Upgrades on X3 – Only the first cycle payment from your first tow partners from each slot is used for auto upgrades. Rest payment coming goes to you after upgrades
  • Autoxify X4 – Here you must upgrade to next slot one by one from slot 1, to slot 2, next slot 3, and so on and on to slot 20 for maximum gain and profit. To buy a sequential way.

You must have paid each slot before you can earn from it. If you do not upgrade on autoxify x4 when due and your downline partner gets to the same slot with you, you miss out on earning for not upgrading, as the payment will then go to your upline partner making him/her earn double.

You are recommended to upgrade higher SLOTS/LEVELS so as not to miss commissions, and even more Earn bigger.


Whether autoxify smart contract is a scam or legit, it doesn’t differentiate it from any other smart contract online.

The key fact still remains when you refer you earn even more, and once you focus on non-referring then your chances of earning are still under probability.

But then, everything has an atom of risk, so I have exposed you to the risk associated with autoxify smart contract so weight it with your strength.

If you have any experience, kindly drop via the comment section for others to learn from your experience!

Warning/Disclaimer: is not in any way related or affiliated to the above investment scheme or program. We only offer professional review service and advise strictly for informational and education purpose. And as such, participating in the above programme is at the investors risk and we are not liable for any loses that may result from such investment!!

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