Beatrice BBnaija Biography – Beatrice Big Brother Naija 2021 Profile, Biography, Age, Education, Investment, Net Worth.

Here is everything you need to know about Beatrice of the Big Brother Naija season 6 reality show.

Get to meet Beatrice Agba Nwaji and know everything about her by reading this Beatrice BBnaija Biography.

Beatrice Agba Nwaji is one of the Big Brother season 6 reality show housemates who prefer to be called “Beatrice” in the house.

The Big Brother Naija season 6 reality show started on the 24th day of July 24th, 2021, with the male housemates being the first to enter the house and the females the following day.

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Beatrice BBNaija Profile

Beatrice BBNaija Biography

Full Name Beatrice Agba Nwaji
Known as Beatrice
Age 28 years
State of origin Rivers State
Country Nigeria


Beatrice has spoken out about her intelligence, claiming that she will guarantee that her Big Brother Naija housemates do not step on her (I will ensure that they do not run me down by running them down, she stated).

Beatrice went on to say that she has learned to speak up when she is upset and to maintain her composure in any situation since being at the BBNaija home.

Beatrice, a Naija contestant, wants her fans to accept her for who she is; she claims she did not enter the reality program with any plans. She feels that her followers will adore her for her demeanor as well as her smile.

BBNaija’s Beatrice’s educational background and career

BBNaija’s Beatrice is a graduate of the University of Port Harcourt, holding a degree in Marketing. Due to the lack of jobs in Nigeria, BBNaija’s Beatrice ventured into fashion modeling.

She stated that she enjoys fashion modeling and has been in the industry for three years. Beatrice stated that her motivation for entering the industry is that she enjoys being in front of the camera.

BBNaija’s Beatrice’s hobbies and dislikes

Beatrice of BBNaija is a charming and vivacious lady who enjoys participating in a variety of activities. She enjoys all forms of entertainment and has vowed to lighten the mood by dancing, singing, and partaking in other fun activities.

Beatrice claimed that liars and BBNaija housemates who gossip a lot are the types of people she will never get along with within the Big Brother Naija house.

The gorgeous woman of BBNaija has stated that she despises fighting and will never fight over anything in the house, including her own possessions.

BBNaija’s Beatrice’s life and relationship

Beatrice, from BBNaija, is a single mother with a five-year-old boy. When she was married to her ex-husband.

After numerous incidents of domestic violence, Beatrice decided to divorced her ex-husband.

Despite the fact that she is already divorced, BBNaija’s Beatrice has made no mention of a new romance.

Beatrice Eviction

Unfortunately, Beatrice was among the first set of people to be evicted from the big brother’s house on Sunday.

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