Best 10 Psp Educational Games For Kids


Best 10 Psp Educational Games For Kids

For the most part, PSP games are intended to entertain players but in reality, this doesn’t mean there aren’t educative PSP games.

Irrefutably, kid-centred PSP games are not only meant to thrill kids but also educate them in essential areas often including mathematics, vocabulary and spelling.

If you’re hell bent on combining education with entertainment for your kids, here’s likely the content you need on the best 10 PSP educational games for kids. Here are some of the The Best Fighting PSP Games

Buzz Master Quiz

This game, which simulates the TV-based trivia game show, is a lovely one that stimulates the player to attempt a number of quizzes. Besides the presentation in the game, one other great side of Buzz Master Quiz is the lovely character avatar. While keeping your kids entertained, this game also educates them by challenging them to answer puzzling questions.


My Spanish Coach

This kid-centred game is one amazing tool for parents willing to educate their kids in Spanish. While the PSP game is pretty easy to play, it also comes with an eight-sided activity mode for kids to learn parts of speech, sentence structure and vocabulary. The graphics of this game coupled with the easy-to-use interface testify that it is such a kid-centred game.


Here’s a PSP game that simulates the usual scrabble in which players form words by matching letters together. Really, this will be an effective game for training kids in the creative capability for forming words as well as helping them develop good vocabulary.

Hot Brain

This is a PSP game which packs several mini games intended to train the brain of the player. Hot Brain could be the best kid-centered game for you if you really wish to train your children’s brains, hence making the children grow smart. Considered a refreshing game, Hot Brain is a fun game overall though some of the mini games appear quite dreary.

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Mind Quiz

Another brain-training game, Mind Quiz is best suited for the purpose of building kids’ memory. This game features an array of games including math and word games and its repetitive effect happens to be the ingredient for improving a kid’s ability to memorize items.

PQ Practical Intelligence Quotient 2

This game, besides being another brain-training game, is a challenging one that keeps the player within puzzles that must be solved before progress is guaranteed. Of course, kids playing this sort of game will be stimulated to face complicated tasks and solve them. No matter how hard a player may have striven to get past a particular puzzle, the feeling of triumph that accompanies this makes it worthy to play the game again and again.

Ultimate Board Game Collection

As the name implies, this game packs plenty of board games including dominoes, checkers and chess. Lovers of board games can make lots of fun with this game although the multiplayer mode will always be needed for this fun to come alive.

Spelling Challenges and More

Needless to say, here’s a fun game for lovers of the Spelling Bee. With this game, you can help your kids develop their spelling abilities as such kids are tempted to undergo a series of tests. Although spelling is the basic challenge, there are a couple of other challenges the player undergoes. For every win, the player is rewarded with points readily convertible into dollars.


Cube is a kid-friendly game with easy-to-follow tutorials for the players to progress from one level to another. Although quite challenging as the players progress, the puzzles in Cube are fun to attempt and the player is required to correctly complete one puzzle before moving to another.

Chessmaster: The Art of Learning

This is likely the perfect game to introduce kids to the game of chess. Chessmaster: The Art of Learning prettily equips players with the tools required for the mastery of chess. One interesting thing about this game is that it supports the storage of every game play so that the player is able to watch the game play and find out the techniques with which they can make success in their subsequent chess games.


We believe you’ve gained useful insight into the PSP games you can download for your kids. Although they’re basically meant for kids, the games reviewed so far can also be played by adults willing to combine education with entertainment.


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