After writing a post on some Best pc games with great stories, it occurred to me that most people do not know some of the best Sites To Download Free PC Games, so i decided to write this article on the Best 5 Sites To Download Free PC Games.

Best 5 Sites To Download Free PC Games

 PC games


PC games is a website where you may play games online. This website sells and downloads a variety of games. EA Games is in charge of the operation.


PC games come in a variety of genres, including action, arcade, children’s games, puzzles, simulations, singing games, racing, and sports.


  • Can easily be access and games can also be downloaded easily.
  • You can find most of the interesting and addictive games.


  • Because the number of games accessible is so small, there isn’t much variation.
  • When the site collapses, the games must be downloaded from the beginning.



GOG Limited is the company that runs Previously, it was called Good Old Games. is a video game and movie digital distribution platform based in Cyprus. These movies and games are available for download and purchase on the internet.


  • Can easily be access used and games can also be downloaded easily.
  • Games on this platform are not expensive as most of them are  even sold at a discount price
  • There are a lot of games with excellent features.
  • It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux.


  • Most of the games on the platform are old games
  • Multiplayer gaming features are not available.



Valve Corporations has been operating this website for thirteen years, and it allows users to download games. Steam is the largest digital distribution platform for video games available today. They have over a thousand games available for its customers, ranging from independent games to action games. Steam is also available in 28 different languages.


  • It has different categories of games and you can easily access some games for a limited time.
  • You can play with family and friends or even strangers,
  • It is available in 28 languages because it has a built-in translator.
  • Can be accessed easily and games can be easily downloaded


  • The games provided for free lack variety and have few elements that will pique a player’s interest.



Origin is a digital distribution software that encourages people to play games online. Electronic Arts, the firm behind several internationally successful games, created it. You can buy games both on your PC and on your mobile device.


  • It has excellent game streaming capabilities.
  • It was created by a well-known and established company, so you can trust it.
  • Many gamers like the ‘on the house promotions,’ which allow them to play a premium game for free every now and then.


  • Software updates happen frequently and it takes time to complete
  • Customers most times complained of expired discount codes.
  • it has poor Customer service which needs improvement



Softpedia is an online gaming store that allows clients to buy and download games at a low cost.


  • The games are not expensive


  • The community forum gets very little use.
  • There are no new games accessible because the website has not been updated.
  • The games are not updated automatically.
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