Have you been looking for a bike computer but aren’t sure where to begin? The top cycling computers on the market today include a plethora of functions. They assist you in gathering vital information in order to track your progress and enhance your health.

But what if you don’t want an overburdened cycling computer and only require a GPS gadget to ensure you never get lost on the road again? We’ve included both top-tier bike computers for skilled cyclists and more basic ones for cycling lovers in our list.

1. Hammerhead Karoo 2

Price: $399


  • A smartphone turned into a bike computer
  • Beautiful bright screen
  • Great integration with other apps
  • Long battery life
  • SIM-card slot
  • 28GB of memory for saving your routes & maps


  • Steep price
  • Bigger and heavier compared to other bike computers

The Hammerhead Karoo 2 bike computer has everything you’d expect from a bike computer in the twenty-first century. In reality, it’s more akin to a smartphone for cyclists. It has an Android operating system and a SIM card slot for data access. You can still utilize most Karoo 2 functions even if you don’t have a SIM card.

2. Garmin 1030 Edge Plus

Price: $599.


  • Beautiful touchscreen
  • Excellent navigation (both on- and off-road)
  • Good battery life
  • Quick setup if you’ve previously owned a Garmin device


  • More expensive than other bike computers in this tier
  • Takes up a lot of space on your handlebar
  • For best integration, you need to be a part of the Garmin ecosystem

If you’ve already had a Garmin gadget, the Garmin 1030 Edge Plus is a fantastic choice. It’s a versatile bike computer with plenty of helpful functions and 24-hour battery life.

The 1030 Edge Plus also performs admirably in terms of navigation. It comes pre-loaded with precise maps of your local area, with the option to download more maps. You may zoom in and out of the map on the large, colorful touchscreen to obtain turn-by-turn directions on and off the road.

3. Garmin Edge 530

Price: $249.


  • Affordable Price
  • Crisp color display
  • Performance on the same level as the more expensive Garmin Edge 830


  • No touch screen
  • Shorter battery life (claimed up to 20 hours)

Want to be a part of the Garmin data team but don’t want to spend the money on a 1030 Edge Plus? The Garmin Edge 530 has all of the basic features of the more expensive 830 and 1030 models, but at a more affordable price. The lack of a touchscreen is the only major drawback, but if that isn’t a deal-breaker for you, the 530 is the greatest value option on the list.

When it comes to navigation, you’ll have to adhere to the pre-planned routes because utilizing the external buttons to navigate maps may be time-consuming and unpleasant.

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