As a result of the ever growing population of graduating students from the various tertiary institutions in Nigeria both public and private, the federal government of Nigeria also increase the number of job vacancies in the various federal government agencies. They (Federal Government) has come up with so many job opportunities this year 2019 to reduce unemployment in the country. Some of the top agencies currently recruiting qualified applicants for various positions includes the follow

N-Power Recruitment 2020

The Federal Government of Nigeria has designed the N-Power Programme to effectively reduce the unemployment of graduates and non-graduates in the country. N-Power programmes will ensure that each participant learns and practices all what is necessary to seek for or create jobs. Some of the graduates under N-Power will also help to actualize Nigeria’s economic and strategic aspirations to achieve food security and self-sufficiency. Candidates are to apply at

N-Power is a scheme initiated by the Nigerian federal government in order to equip Nigerians with employment and economic potentials. As a socio-economic scheme, N-Power avails Nigerian youths the opportunity to acquire economic and technical skills required for survival in the contemporary society.


By and large, N-Power is a well-thought-out response to the alarming rate of unemployment among Nigerian youths. In order to promote Nigeria’s economy and correct the inadequacy in the country’s public services, N-Power avails numerous Nigerian youths the avenue for acquiring vital work skills.

N-Power delivers modular programmes which better prepare its applicants for the acquisition and the future use of skills required for securing or providing employment. For instance, the N-Power Teacher Corp is based on the employment of 500, 000 graduates required to provide assistance in the areas of health, education and civic education. Besides helping to rid Nigeria of the inadequacy in its public services, a reasonable proportion of the graduates will assist the country in translating its aspirations of self-sufficiency and food security into reality.

As a development-oriented programme, N-Power will further foster the diversification of Nigeria’s economy. Therefore, the programme is aimed at equipping youthful Nigerians with the world-class skills and certification that would gear them up for innovative contributions both domestically and globally. N-Power training will empower Nigerian youths with necessary capabilities that can make Nigeria have a decent community of hardware service professionals, graphic artists, artisans, building service professionals, animators, software developers, etc.


While N-Power also seeks to equip non-graduates with the necessary technical and business skills that promote standards of living, the programme is basically divided into the 3 segments below:

  1. N-Power Knowledge (25,000 non-graduates)
  2. N-Power Build (75,000 non-graduates)
  3. N-Power Teachers Corps (500,000 graduates)

N-Power’s Areas of Focus

N-Power applicants have to be aware of the areas the programme majorly prioritizes for the training of participants. These areas are considered the cornerstone of N-Power and they are as follows:

  • Vocation
  • Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Animation
  • Post production
  • Teaching
  • Community Service
  • Health

Eligibility Requirements

Although N-Power seeks to provide the majority of Nigerians with an avenue for acquiring developmental skills, not all Nigerians are currently eligible for the scheme. Therefore, eligible Nigerians for N-Power are those within the age bracket of 18-35 years and who have met the least requirements for their chosen programmes. However in general, Nigerian youths are selected for N-Power based on the requirements below:

  • Readiness of the applicants to progress beyond their comfort zones
  • Indication of sincere interest in chosen areas of specialization
  • Expression of interest in developing the required skills for becoming successful
  • Excelling in the test related to your chosen programme

While the requirements spelt above are general eligibility prerequisites, N-Power applicants should note that there are fixed requirements such as the minimum academic qualification of Bachelor’s Degree or Higher National Diploma (HND) for those interested in the programme’s Graduate segment.

Registration & Recruitment

To apply for N-Power, do well to follow the step-by-step guide below:

  • Visit the official website of N-Power
  • Choose your preferred N-Power category and your choice programme under the category (you’ll find three categories namely N-Power Volunteer corps, N-Power Knowledge and N-Power Build)
  • Click the “Apply now” button that you see after selecting your preferred category and programme
  • Doing the above will take you to the application form page. You’ll have to fill the form with necessary details about you –you’ll find the details in this article as you read on
  • The logo of N-Power will be sent to you to confirm that your registration has been successfully completed. N-Power will further send you an e-mail message for you to know your pre-selection status. The e-mail message will be sent few days after the registration

For you to be recruited into N-Power, you must have registered by supplying relevant information about yourself and following a certain recruitment procedure. Below are the details you have to provide in the course of N-Power registration:

  1. Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Qualification certificate
  5. Passport data
  6. Phone number –you’ll have to provide a functional one
  7. CV
  8. An accurate name record
  9. An active e-mail address

NDDC Recruitment 2020

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) looking for qualified Administrative and Internal Security Assistants into its service. Candidates applying for any of the available positions must not be more than 30 years of age. Qualified Candidates are advised to visit the NDDC website at and apply for the positions online. Candidates are to upload their CVs and certificates as applicants will be required to take an online qualifying examination.

PYES Recruitment 2020

Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme P-yes is powered by the Office of the Secretary to the Federal Government and coordinated by the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Youth and Students Affairs. PYES is creating empowerment opportunities for youths for a period of two years. PYES has five categories of programs, which includes Agriculture, 1CT & Mobile money, Fashion, Catering and Technical Acquisition. The PYES registration for this year is to begin anytime soon please visit

NDLEA – National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Recruitment 2020

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency invites suitable applicants for recruitment into the agency. Qualified applicants or candidates will be deployed within the country for the total eradication of illegal trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, suppression of demand for illegal drugs and other substances of abuse, recovery of ill-gotten wealth acquired from illegal drug trade, protection, enhancement and maintenance of the image of Nigeria and Nigerians at home and abroad. Interested candidates should apply on before the deadline for submission of completed application. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for the next phase.

Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps Recruitment (NSCDC) 2020

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps is inviting qualified candidates and applicants for full time jobs to fill the vacant positions currently opened in the commission. Candidates are to apply online at and print out the referee form that must be completed for submission during screening.

Federal Fire Service Recruitment 2019-2020

When listing top Federal Government Recruitment Jobs to apply for in 2019, the Nigeria Fire Service is top on the list considering the increasing rates of fire incidences in the country. The Fire Services are managed by State Councils, and Town Councils around the states and are recruiting candidates who will ensure the safety of lives, property and environment.

Nigerian Ports Authority Mass Recruitment 2019

The Nigerian Ports Authority Recruitment 2019 is to commence anytime soon. The recruitment exercise is expected to last for just a month. The official date for the recruitment exercise will be announced anytime from now. Applicants or candidates are advised to visit the official website of the agency for more enquiries as well as to complete the online application form.

NIS – Nigeria Immigration Recruitment 2020

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) is like the hottest Paramilitary Force job in Nigeria at the moment. They supervise the application of Visa, Passport registration and granting save pass into and outside the country. The NIS has open its official website for qualified unemployed citizens of Nigeria to complete and submit an online application form.


NCS – Nigeria Customs Recruitment 2020

Nigeria custom service is recruiting candidates with a clear vision to excel in the efficient and timely collection of and accounting of revenue, implementation of and advice on Governmental trade and fiscal policies, Promotion of trade facilitation, Protection of Nigerian society, and generation of accurate and precise statistical data. Application forms are due to be out soon and applicants are advised to visit the website for completion and submission of forms.

FRSC: Federal Road Safety Commission Recruitment 2020

The functions of the Federal Road Safety Commission is to make the highway safe for all road users, recommend works and devices that will help to prevent accidents on the highways and Educate road users and members of the public on the importance of discipline on the highway. Applicants who are interested in working with the commission can obtain and complete a copy of the application form online at the official website of the commission

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