Looking for the best Best Sites to Download Chinese Movies in 2021? Lets get started right away!!

There are some Chinese movies in the market with thrilling scenes with no English subtitles for Anglophone citizens. Since we are in the era of technology, computer programmers or website developers have created numerous websites for film lovers to download Chinese movies with English subtitles.

These websites have made things easier for people to enjoy watching Chinese movies without any language barrier or interference. Although, some people are finding it difficult to locate these sites. At this juncture, we will see the best sites to download Chinese movies with detailed English subtitles.

Best Sites for Downloading Chinese Movies with English Subtitles

These sites have different movie genres such as drama, epic, adventure, horror, crime, and many others. On the other hand, pop-up ads might be seen on some of these sites, but they are sites for movie lovers to get the best-packed action for any Chinese movie. Let’s get to explore these sites and also get detailed information about them:

  1. Viki:

It is one of the best websites to download Chinese movies, TV shows, series, etc. The good thing about it is there are no subscription, or registration attached to it. It implies people can download and streamline movies of their various choices. The user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation in searching for varieties of movies.

There is a particular feature on the site for users to search different Chinese movies using the subtitle language filter in getting fast access to their movies. Besides the Chinese language, it has multiple languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, Portuguese, Hungarians, etc.


  1. YOUKU:

Youku - Apps on Google Play

The number of persons using YOUKU in downloading movies is extremely high, and it is another popular site to download Chinese movies with English subtitles. The programmer of the site built it with a clean design for a tech novice to download Chinese movies with ease rather than spending much time trying to locate their favorite movies.

On the homepage, users can search for any Chinese movies they want to download. Another amazing thing about the website, when users get to the search filter to find a particular Chinese movie, they will see the last searched movies. Also, for movie genres, there is a filter that helps to categorize these movies and download them in HD.


  1. Iflix:

iflix - Movies & TV Series - Apps on Google Play

Iflix is another fascinating website for people to download exciting movies they can watch during leisure. Any technological gadgets such as laptops, computers, and smartphones can gain access to these downloaded Chinese movies anytime they want to watch them on their devices.

It has a complete entertainment programs for anyone eager to kill boredom and most of its programs are international ones. There are different movie genres on this site and animation lovers can have a good time downloading series of anime to watch on their gadgets or Smart TVs, and is among the reliable website to get thrilling Chinese movies.


  1. Dramacool:

Dramacool - Asian Drama Movies in English at Dramacool9.co

Dramacool is one of the best sites to download Chinese movies with English subtitles. Therefore, if you are after getting good subtitles when watching Chinese movies, it is best to consider this website. Besides downloading Chinese movies, users can download Korean movies from Dramacool.

There are different movie genres on the site for anyone to download without stressing themselves including armature users. It is easier to download movies by clicking the featured images of the movies, from there it will direct users to another page to  download the movie. Although there are some annoying pop-ups add it is one of the amazing sites for Chinese movies with English subtitles.


  1. YouTube:

YouTube includes Nigeria in $100m Black Voices Fund

In terms of video marketing, YouTube is one of the prominent sites for streaming, sharing, and downloading videos. According to statistics, Youtube has over 2 billion users every month, and this number is merely rough estimation because there are individuals without a personal YouTube account visiting the site to watch video content.

There are lots of Chinese movies on Youtube for users to watch, share and even download. In downloading Youtube videos, there is a special application to search on Google that will download the different Chinese movies with English subtitles to have a proper understanding of the movie.


  1. iQiyi:

iQIYI Video – Dramas & Movies - Apps on Google Play

It is amongst the largest video platforms you will find in China. iQiyi has bought the streaming rights of a large number of TV series, talk shows, movies, etc for its users. For this reason, it will be hard to find any Chinese movies on the site without English subtitles. For instance, many Chinese streaming video sites direct their visitors to iQiyi to download their movies.

You can be sure of getting full-length movies, but some require the user to pay a certain amount of money to get full access to them. Besides the site having a wide collection of Chinese movies subtitled in English, some pop-ups ads might become intolerable for users. Before the commencement of any Chinese movie, there are ads displayed on the screens.


  1. FallDrama:

FallDrama comprises several Chinese episodic movies, and even Indonesians can benefit from using the site to watch different kinds of movies with Indonesian subtitles. There are both primary and secondary keywords to increase the ease of locating movies on the site. The feature is important in searching seasonal movies.

There are two-player servers for movie downloading in case of any emergencies because there are times one of the servers might fail to download movies. It has different redirects on the site, and one has to be familiar with the site to get the best out of it. There are dramas, shows, entertaining movies, etc.



  1. 1905 Movie:

1905 (TV Movie 2005) - Release Info - IMDb

The 1905 movie platform might not be well known as other sites for downloading Chinese movies with English subtitles but it is also another website for one to use. There are two sections on the site for anyone wanting to maximize their usage, which are the “Free movie section” and the “VIP Movie theatre”.

The difference between these two sections, the former allows users to gain access to different trending movies, and TV series, while the latter covers a broad scope of Chinese movies but a VIP account is necessary for users to access it. Many of their movies come with high-quality videos or images.


  1. Tencent Video:

Tencent Video - YouTube

The company is known for its video game content, but they have also made an impact in the world of online media streaming. It is a famous video website in China for users to download multiple dramas, movies, and amazing web series. It is one of the latest platforms for anyone to get their favorite Chinese movies with English subtitles.

Tencent video doesn’t consume data compared to other video websites, but it is important for one to be familiar with the site for easy navigation and also perform different functions with it. You can watch TV series, TV shows, Movies, and many others.


  1. Migu Video:

Migu TV - Chinese Dramas & TV Shows & Music - Apps on Google Play

Most Chinese musical artistes use the site in uploading their music videos for fans to download. It is mostly filled with short videos of different kinds such as movies, music, comics, etc. They have a detailed categorized section on the site for different genres of movies for users to get easy navigation through the use of a filter.

The user interface of Migu video website is simple for tech starters to operate without having any hard time using it. Are you passionate about TV series? You will get the one that will capture your attention, and make you stay glue on your sit. It has subtitles from English to Chinese, and from Chinese back to English.


  1. DramaFire:

Dramacool9.co: Latest Korean Movies on Dramafire - TechReen

The website is designed to offer movie lovers the latest Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese movies on the internet. They have links for users to download these movies with English subtitles. One thing about this site is they ensure the website has the latest movies and also eliminate unwanted bugs on the site.

Dramafire has some basic instructions for users to follow in helping them enjoy watching their movies. There are certain things such as taglines and clickbait pictures to eliminate unnecessary Ads from the website. If you haven’t tried any site to download Chinese movies, you can check out DramaFire.


  1. Baidu Video:

China's Baidu Video Attracts $155 Million Funding - Variety

In China, the website is the most visited among other sites for downloading Chinese movies with English subtitles. When a user visits the website to download movies, it takes them to another site “iQiyi” to download their Chinese movies. In Baidu, users have the opportunity of finding any movie on this website.

It has different TV series, TV shows, Movies, and lots more. Most of their video contents are subtitled in the English language from Mandarin. It has one of the simplest user-interface for anyone to easily navigate from one section to another.


  1. FilmDoo:

FAQ at FilmDoo

It is a free place for film enthusiasts to catch a glimpse of their movie and has a premium platform covering of over 400 Chinese movies for buyers and rentals simultaneously. Although it is a site that requires its users to pay a fee to acquire handful of Chinese movies, there are other free movies available for people to download into their gadgets.


  1. 27K.CC:

27k.cc - 27K

The website is like torrent movie downloader but it has movies with quality videos. They have a wide variety of movies such as variety shows, TV series, Chinese movies, and Anime. The major difference between this website and others it doesn’t redirect users to another platform to download Chinese movies with English subtitles.


  1. YuYu TV:

Yuyu TV is now available on Roku

The website has over 20 different movie genres such as drama, action, thriller, adventure, and many others. There are avenues for users to watch free Chinese movie episodes and also download them. Most of its movies are subtitled in the English language for anyone from Anglophone countries to watch and enjoy on their gadgets.



Downloading Chinese movies is never a big deal anymore with the building of these various websites on the article. If you have any exciting and engaging Chinese movies, you can visit any of these sites to download them. It is never too late to catch the thrills of your favorite Chinese films with English subtitles.

We have listed all the Korean movies downloading sites identified above. Kindly go through them and drop your recommendations or  tell us your best choice among the list below.

  1. Viki
  2. YOUKU
  3. Iflix
  4. Dramacool
  5. YouTube
  6. iQiyi
  7. FallDrama/Tolldrama
  8. 1905 Movie
  9. Tencent Video
  10. Migu Video
  11. DramaFire
  12. Baidu Video
  13. FilmDoo
  14. 27K.CC
  15. YuYu TV
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