As a backpacker, you are not going to your desired destination to constantly be on the edge. You are backpacking to relax, let out the stress, relieve the tension and let the steam out. You need the right stuff to pack to avoid getting unnecessary migraines on your vacation. Our gadgets are very important to us and many of us tend to fret when they are not powered and not in use.

In fact, we cannot stay off our gadgets for hours. Besides, what’s the use of backpacking when you cannot save the moments on your gadgets? Vacations are to be treasured and we must take measures to ensure they are not ruined by any random or unplanned event.

This brings us to solar chargers. There is no assurance that your backpacking destination is going to be powered always. And, even, what’s the fun of constantly charging your gadgets when all other activities are lying there idle?  In this article therefore, we will discuss the best solar chargers that you can carry along on your backpacking. Also, remember that you’re safeguarding nature and that is why we are focusing solely on solar chargers.


  1. The Necktek Solar Charger

Built from high-end solar cell panel,  this charger converts energy at a rate that is 21% or even up to 30% higher and faster than other common solar chargers. The Necktek is particularly portable, very small and can fit into your pockets. They can be carried around in your backpacks due to their size. Its design is such that it does not fall from any surface because of its anti-skid make.

The Necktek is suitable for all outdoor activities. Camping, hiking, climbing, just name it. Your Necktek is always up to the task. Furthermore, it is powered by a polymer battery with a capacity of 10000Mah. You can also charge multiple devices at a very fast speed. Your polymer battery is reputed as the safest battery in the world and does not explode even when they overheat.

What’s more? Your Necktek has a led flash that can come in handy during emergencies. This led indicator also indicates when your charger is charging or discharging.

  1. 4OZ 5V 5W Ultra Portable Solar Charger

This charger is the most reliable solar charger in the solar world. Due to its reputation, you have no fear and are covered by the assurance of obtaining the best available value for your money. The Ultra easily charges your phone in at most five hours.

Like all smart solar chargers, it is also very light in weight and quite small in size. They are also resistant to weather conditions, damp or cold, and that makes them suitable for any worrisome activity like hiking. The Ultra is also water-proof and flame-proof. How awesome is that? You can go scuba-diving with no worries at all.

  1. Anker Dual USB Solar Charger

Produced by Sunkingdom, a company that has been in the solar field for 9 years with no disturbing or poor record, it is very easy to see why Anker Solar Charger is the best you can take with you on your backpacking. The technology used for this charger is the powerIQ max. Due to this technology, it transforms energy at the fastest rate and hereby charges your gadgets faster than any other smart solar charger.

This charger causes no ecological harm or pollution. In design, they are very slim and can be folded when not in use. Isn’t that cool?  For all activities or trips as you have fun, Anker is sure to keep your connection with the digital life. An outstanding feature of this charger is its possession of eyeholes that can serve as connectors to your backpack.

High-quality specifications abound in this charger. There is the polish surface that is resistant to any form of scratch. It can be used with all classes of devices too and you can charge your laptop while you charge your smartphone. It also comes with voltage regulating pilots that ensure stability while charging.

The Anker is just the best solar charger for backpacking.


  1. AODEK 20W Solar Charger

The AODEK charger does not have its name for fancy, it actually uses a very effective 20-watts solar panel. With this charger, your charging duration just became shorter. Its panel is housed in a high-wear PVC case to avoid any damage.

The AODEK operates a 4A capacitor that allows users to charge their smart phones and other gadgets simultaneously. It can be your GPS tracker, your lamp, your mp3 player, anything, just have it.

This charger is resistant to weather conditions and is also waterproof. However, it does not fully guarantee safety from water damage but it will serve anyway. It is very portable of course and like the Anker solar charger, contains eyeholes that be connected to your backpack for convenience.

For the knowing, you can carry this charger just about anywhere. Did we mention that it has a dual port?


So, there, you have it, our best  solar chargers for backpacking. They have been tested and found to be reliable, durable, convenient and cheap. They all provide maximum utility to backpackers. It all depends on the backpackers choices.

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