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Football is one of the amazing sports that cut across several tribes, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and many others. For instance, there are football fanatics from various backgrounds that might become close friends due to the fact they support the same club. It boils down to show how the game is a strong tool that brings togetherness.

In the past, football fans were supporting their favourite clubs without benefiting from them financially. Presently, there are different prediction websites for betting football matches and gaining profits. These prediction sites have detailed information on various aspects of the matches such as results, betting odds, statistics, etc.

About Betgenuine Prediction Website

Betgenuine sites have 120 football leagues across the world for punters to select their games. In every football season, they offer close to 20,000 football predictions. Everyone needs to have a detailed analysis of any game before staking their money. In Nigeria, for example, new bettors interested in betting need accurate predictions in picking any team.

It is so sad some of these prediction sites make some errors in their predictions making bettors lose their funds. One must be conscious of the fact that these sites have no perfection in their predictions because there are some days the outcome of a football match will take another direction. The only thing they do is to make punters have a higher chance of winning.

In prediction, it is essential to have some details of the two teams that will be involved in the football game like the form, team selection, head-to-head history, defensive prowess, goalscoring prowess, and many others to reduce the risk of losing money in any football game.

It is not easy to find successful prediction of any football match due to uncontrollable factors bound to occur. Many of the prediction websites offer free predictions for bettors to maximize their earnings. If you are interested in betting, Betgenuine is accessible for anyone trying to make extra income to sort out their daily expenses.

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It is one thing to know Betgenuine prediction site, and it is another thing to take action to start earning. In the betting world, thousands of people are gaining huge profits by using predictions from Betgenuine to solve their financial needs.

Does Betgenuine Football Prediction Website have Accurate Prediction?

No prediction website in the world can boast of having 100% prediction due to lots of factors that come into play. For instance, a bettor might predict the home team to win, but along the line, a player from the home team might be red-carded and that could affect the outcome of the match. These are things that are likely to happen in any game making bettors lost their money.

In terms of credibility, they are 100% consistent in giving accurate football tips and predictions compared to other prediction websites. Punters can enjoy a 100% winning rate from their betting and have rest of mind. If you are having doubts about their predictions, you can try them out to have a taste of their prediction prowess.

Why is Betgenuine Football Prediction Sites Unique?

When it has to do with the issue of offering football betting tips to football lovers, Betgenuine is one of the best prediction sites for people to get detailed information on any football game in different football leagues. Anyone can navigate on the site due to their unique interface that can be accessed both on desktop and smartphones for sports bettors.

Every day on the site, new visitors are coming to the website for predictions on betting tips, in top football leagues such as the English Premier League, La Liga, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, English Championship, Italian Serie A, Eredivisie, Portuguese Primeira Liga, Belgium Jupiler League, China Super League, and many others.

Different Football Prediction Tips

Here are the different football predictions on Betgenuine:

  1. 1 x 2 Predictions:

It is one of the predictions on Betgenuine site for punters to choose their favourite team to win. 1 stands for the home team, while 2 represents the away team. It is left for bettors to pick any of the teams to win.

  1. Under/Over 2.5 Goals Predictions:

It is another prediction for football fanatics to stake their money. For the under 2.5 goals, it indicates goals in the game won’t be up to three, while Over 2.5 goals are from three goals and above.

  1. Both Team to Score Predictions:

Here, both the home and away team has to score in the football game. Some bettors are fond of this prediction, and it is working for them.

  1. Correct Score Predictions:

It is one of the hardest predictions in the world of soccer betting. For instance, Chelsea playing against Barcelona the punter has to predict the exact scoreline of the game to win.

  1. Double Chance Predictions:

For the double chance predictions, it has to do with either a win or draw, and it could be for the home team or away team.

How Betgenuine Football Prediction Works

According to statistics, their prediction accuracy is close to 99%, and various statistics are relevant in making the right predictions. One of the things to enjoy using their site is the fact they have a risk management strategy to ensure punters make more profits than losses. The predictive analysis on the site combines lots of techniques like machine learning, statistical modeling, data mining to study present and historical data for football matches predictions.

Betgenuine football prediction site makes everyone a potential winner at the end of the day if they can abide by the rules in betting their games. At times many people lose their money due to greed by accumulating more odds to earn more money. It is best to accumulate minimum odds that will yield good earnings to reduce the level of risk.


Betgenuine football prediction website is one of the top prediction websites for punters to make extra income to their hustle. If you have been skeptical about channeling your money to online betting, you can use the site to ease your football predictions.


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