Betting on eSports-How do eSports Bets Work?


The digital age ensures continuous innovations – also in the area of sports betting. Because the action has long since taken place not only in the big squares of this world but also in the virtual world.

At the eSports events, real professional teams compete against each other and stand up against each other on virtual playing fields. The exciting tournaments are also worthwhile for betting fans. Thus, 22Bet offers wonderful esports betting options.

How do eSports Bets Work?

How do eSports Bets Work?

More and more betting fans are interested in eSports betting today. No wonder: because they offer some exciting advantages – but more on that later! Anyone who has not yet placed a bet on virtual sports is asking themselves: How do eSports bets work? You should not be too worried about this question. Because eSports betting is child’s play. Therefore, you first have to choose between FIFA, Counter-Strike & Co. Because not all eSports are the same.

Once you have made up your mind, you have to choose a game. Numerous types of bets are available here, which differ depending on the eSports sport. The types of bets at FIFA are similar to bets on regular football games, while in Counter-Strike and League of Legends you can also bet on individual maps. Once you have made a choice, all you have to do is set the bet. This determines with the odds, the number of your sports betting profit. Once you have made up your mind, place the bet and you can sit back and relax.

eSports Betting: Step By Step Instructions

  • Bookmaker comparison: Despite the great popularity, not every bookmaker also offers eSports bets. With betting provider comparison you can still find the best betting providers for eSports at a glance.
  • Registration: Once you have made up your mind, you can then register your new betting account. To do this, simply follow the instructions of the sports betting provider.
  • Select eSports sport: Now you can decide on a sport. Because in addition to FIFA, Counter-Strike, and Fortnite, there are countless other eSports bets to choose from.
  • Select type of bet: Now you only have to decide on one type of bet. Depending on the video game, these differ significantly.
  • Set stake: Now all you have to do is set the stake and confirm the bet. Together with the betting odds, this determines your future profit.
  • Use live stream: Once you have placed the bet, you can follow the course of the game live. Because many of the best betting providers for eSports betting also offer you eSports live streams.
  • Payout winnings: If you have won your bet, you can now pay out the winnings to your bank account. You usually do not have to wait long for it.


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