Business studies Exam Questions and Answers for Junior school students (JSS1)


Business studies Exam Questions and Answers for Junior school students (JSS1)

These Business studies questions have been compiled to serve as a reference material to aid teachers set tests and examination questions without much stress.
School pupils/tutors will find it very helpful  in revision and exam preparation.

Class: JSS 1    Subject: Business studies

Instruction: Answer all question in this section

  1. _____ is defined as a place where business is done or service is provided (a) an office (b) road (c) school
  2. ____ of a small office is that the owner of the business is able to keep in constant touch with the day to day running of the business (a) advantage (b) disadvantage (c) demerit
  3. Large business organizations require _____ offices (a) large (b) small (c) none of the above
  4. One of these is a function of an office (a) receiving information (b) fighting (c) shouting
  5. Receiving and processing information are functions of an ____ (a) office (b) class room (c) bed room
  6. A ____ normally supervises the work of newly employed clerks (a) junior clerk (b) senior clerk (c) clerical assistant
  7. Letters, memoranda and telegrams are examples of ___ information (a) oral (b) written (c) none of the above
  8. Another name for the open plan is what
  9. Another name for the close plan is what?
  10. One of these is a personal quality of a clerical staff (a) stealing (b) honesty and integrity (c) fighting
  11. There are ______ types of clerk (a) four (b) three (c) two
  12. It is _____ (true/false) that easy and regular work flow is one of the features of a good office
  13. Good planning and layout of an office facilitates access to customer __ (true or false)
  14. Banking halls are examples of good office plant (true or false
  15. ____ department is usually headed by a sales manager (a) finance department (b) production department (c) sales department

Section B

Answer three questions only from this section

  1. What is an office
  2. Give three advantages of a small office
  3. What are the personal qualities of an office clerical
  4. State four functions of an office
  5. Mention the different offices in an organization that you know.

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